Choosing Joy


Just like a good recipe, it takes the right ingredients to produce a life filled with everything that brings peace, joy, and harmony with the world around us. It’s all too easy to get drawn into the drama of living in the physical and forget that we are the co-creators of our life experience.

Have you ever had a rough day when your outward appearance caused others to ask, “What’s wrong?” The usual reaction to such a question is to respond with a laundry list of things that are causing you to feel sad, angry or disempowered. We do this without realizing that absolutely nothing can bring us down without our allowing it to be so. No matter what is going on around you, every single moment provides the opportunity to react in ways that will affect your state of mind — positively or negatively.

Why do we tend to surrender our happiness when faced with challenging people and situations? Perhaps because it’s much easier to blame outside circumstances than to take responsibility for the way we’re feeling. Perhaps the only role we’ve ever learned is that of a victim. Or, maybe we’re just not aware of the fact that peace and contentment are not dependant on external influences. Instead, the power to reach that peaceful state lies within us. And, when a person realizes this fact, they can begin to take control of their joy, in every situation, for the rest of their life.

Now, I didn’t say that this is easy, but with practice, you can begin to alter how you react to everyone and everything. Choosing to reject disempowering thoughts. Understanding that YOU are the only one with the capacity to transform your attitude toward life. No outside influences can affect that unless you allow them to.

It may not be easy to hear this, but how you choose to react to everything, directly affects your ability to live a life of contentment and joy.

We have TOTAL control over the peace in our lives, but rarely ever acknowledge that. Being mindful of this fact makes it easy to live in a constant state of gratitude. And, gratitude is the fuel that drives us toward a happier and more balanced life.

If you need help finding that balance, don’t ever hesitate to reach out to others. Sometimes a single Spiritual Counseling session can really put everything into proper perspective. I offer free consultations, in person or by phone, so that you can explore the many healing options that I offer.

Namaste’, Susan

Susan deCaussin CHt, Healing Methods LLC. Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Psychic/Medium. 248-759-6486


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