Life Lessons I Learned at Preschool


Balance and harmony are EVERYONE’S GOALS no matter how old. They bring peace and comfort when they are present, and stress and often the opposite of what we want when absent. For 12 years, I was a Preschool Director. Below are some of the Life Lessons I learned working with parents and children.

Questions parents asked me:

· My new-born never seems to sleep. I’m so tired that I can’t think straight -– how do I deal with this stage? Resting is good for you and the baby. Turn on soothing classical music (that mimics the heartbeat), breastfeed or bottle feed, and lay together in a chair that rocks or on your bed. Downtime can lead to sleep time. Harmony, health, and peace result when we listen to our needs and act on them, taking care of ourselves ALWAYS first.

· My child seems to cry with frustration and I don’t know how to help him. Read about people who are introverts and extraverts — I learned my son was an introvert. His first Christmas he got over-stimulated by all the noise and people. He needed to be alone quietly with me. People will tell you what they need with their behaviors. Ask yourself what was happening right before the behavior started. That is the key and where to find the answer.
Peace comes when we truly know ourselves/others and act in congruence with who we/they are, meeting our/their needs.

· Why does my child always seem to know the least opportune moment to have a meltdown? I haven’t completed a supermarket shop for weeks and I feel like everyone’s staring at me! When are you taking him/her shopping? How long are the trips lasting? What is s/he expected to do while you are shopping …read a book, play with a toy in the cart? This is more about how you are managing the trip. You cannot expect a young child to handle a long and boring shopping trip. Set your child up for success. Make it short and keep them occupied. And never take them if they are hungry or tired. Our choices reflect the amount of balance in our lives.

· It feels like every task is a battle: brushing teeth, putting on shoes, holding hands while crossing the road – it’s all a huge fight. What can I do to show my child that these things are not negotiable? You will never win a power struggle. Negotiate, put on a timer, play a game, make it fun. Think before acting. Count to 10 to get your sense of humor back or to put things into perspective. What is the best strategy to achieve the results you want?

· My child has been toilet-trained for a while but is now having “accidents” again. What should I do? Accidents happen. Can you bring along a bag and extra underwear and make it no big deal to change? Don’t take things so personally or sweat the small stuff – AHHH…the path to peace and harmony.


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