Connecting as One


You know how we keep hearing, We are all One. What if we really knew and integrated this knowing? The world would be a different place. Be willing and open to know and experience the person next to you as an aspect of you.

Close your eyes, open your heart and feel the connection you have with each other. Together, we are all part of Source, drops of one consciousness. Just feel your heart connect with love… a web of connecting love. In almost every spiritual culture, there is a focus on the idea that we are all One, all connected. So, taking this deeper… if we are all connected… then what we give to someone else with generosity and compassion, we literally give to ourselves. Let me say that again. As we are all connected, when we give through the energy of generosity and compassion, we give to ourselves.

We have all experienced the joy of freely giving a gift and the deep feelings of connection, love, and gratitude that we experience when we give without expectations. Yes, that gratitude and opening when we give to someone else. Generosity, compassion, and connectedness go hand-in-hand with each other. They all come from the same emotion – love, which is of the Divine.

You are already Divine. So allow yourself to feel the connection and generosity – the compassion that goes with being Divine. We are created in the image and likeness of our Creator and we can connect with those feelings, that center of our being, any time we allow ourselves to do so. We choose not to only when we allow the ego’s past perceptions of hurt to interfere and block those feelings. The ego is very good at pushing negative perceptions on us and lowering our connection with our true self that is Divine.

In disconnecting with our Divine selves, we also disconnect with our knowledge of our connectedness with our self and others. We disconnect from the knowingness to be generous and compassionate to ourselves and therefore, others. Often, people will get stuck in wearing, like a jacket, the external roles of compassion and generosity which are not rooted in the core of love. It’s like living in a script, a story. This can even look like co-dependence, a survival skill of the ego, developed when young with the idea of pleasing others to earn love.
The reverse can also be true; an extreme might be to be so defensive as to be narcissistic. And there can be everything in between. They are all just shadowy survival skills we learn from our early environment and where love is a distant memory.

Be courageous, take the barriers down, connect with your true, loving self. Integrate this connection and allow yourself to be open and accepting of the connection with others. Be generous and compassionate from a foundation of love rather than ego and “should”. Allow yourself to feel the true power of love, compassion, and generosity and you will choose to continue to do so. Be generous with your compassionate and loving nature, feeling and knowing that we are all connected. That is our true nature, what our Creator intended. This is part of accepting yourself as a Divine being.

I am honored to be a guide in assisting you in finding your true self – the self that is connected, compassionate and generous from a foundation of Divine love. Discover who you really are and find your Divine, loving nature within!


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