Remembering WHOSE You Are


Why do we prepare for Christmas for the whole month of December? Why do we create traditions around December 25? We cook, shop, clean, and often go a bit overboard with everything, often feeling pooped out by Christmas dinner. Why do we get sadly nostalgic, missing those loved ones who are no longer here to celebrate with us? I think it is because we are focusing on the outer joy of Christmas, including the traditions we partake in around that time of year.

Christmas tells of a miraculous conception leading to the birth of a man who lived over 2,000 years ago. It is the time of year we celebrate the birth of that man. But it is so much more too. Jesus was sent from God to remind us WHOSE we are. Jesus showed us and told us who he was. He said we are his brothers and sisters capable of doing great things too. Being God’s children, we are amazing and filled with Christ Spirit. We can do miraculous things for ourselves and others. We are not these wonders just on December 25th, but every day! And that realization is why Christmas is an inner experience. We can BE that Christmas/Christ Spirit every day.


~ Reach inward in prayer to find the Christ Spirit within

~ Think of others and give them love, friendship, and your time

~ Let your heart be happy

~ Sing and rejoice (even if you have to do it in the shower)

~ See the miracles around you daily; they are evidence of the loving Christ all around you

If we all tried to be more like the man, Jesus, every day (which I think is our purpose), I bet this world would be even more remarkable. What a powerful prayer that would be!


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