Connecting Worlds


By Susan deCaussin

When your soul decided to experience a life in this world, it also chose the many challenges you’d face during your time here. And while that life script may have appeared daunting, just knowing that you’d be supported by a group of guides and loved ones in Spirit, your soul felt assured that you’d be able to navigate your way through the difficult times. Then, as they say, “Life Happened.” 

Time and time again, we can find ourselves deep in the trenches, overwhelmed by adversity, and unable to cope comfortably with life. It can be easy to forget that all of this is simply a training ground for the soul. We’re all just literally acting out roles in a magnificent play. You’re starring in your play. I’m starring in mine. And we’re all playing supporting roles in each other’s life stories. It’s in those crazy, uncomfortable moments that your connection to Spirit can provide you the peace, comfort, and confidence needed to move forward bravely.

However, when that connection to Spirit is not nourished and maintained, the physical world can easily distract you into thinking that this is all there is. It’s not much different than watching a good movie or reading a good book and then believing that the story is actually real.

These are the times when it’s imperative that you remember that life is a temporary assignment. Like attending school, we are here to learn new things and experience soul growth by moving through challenging situations. By taking time to create and maintain a connection to the Source from which you, and all things, came, you’re tapping into a guidance system that will assist you in navigating your way through life. 

I’ve often referred to my connection to Spirit as the ultimate library card. Think about it. When you can energetically reach into different dimensions, you have access to all of the knowledge, healing, and understanding of all time. It can sometimes feel like cheating in life. But, it takes effort to create and nurture that connection. 

It’s all about finding a balance between physical and spiritual life. When a comfortable balance is achieved, you can easily remain grounded and feel safe in all circumstances. So, the question is, then, how does one do this? 

Luckily, there’s no difficult formula or process required. A Spiritual connection is found in moments of silence. That energetic relationship can only be created and made stronger when one is able to successfully quiet the busy thoughts of their conscious mind and elevate their awareness internally. And once a person is practiced at this, information and guidance begin to flow.

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed is a definite sign that you’re out of balance and too deeply connected to this physical world. By taking time, each day to strengthen your connection to Spirit, you’ll be able to step back, quiet yourself, and keep things in proper perspective – in all situations. Suppose you need assistance in releasing fearful thoughts, relaxing the body, and resetting your baseline stress level. In that case, I offer Spiritual Guidance and Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions that will help you create a better balance between your physical life and your spiritual life.

Susan deCaussin CHt


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