Correctional Alignment Therapy


Correctional Alignment Therapy creates length in the spine, openness on the joints, relaxation in the muscles and overall freedom and well-being in the body, mind and spirit. Clients enjoy relief from headaches, insomnia, back, neck and hip pain, as well as overall relaxation. The CAT therapist consults with the client to identify muscle tightness and alignment problems. Adjustments include hands-on traction while positioning the body for optimal alignment and tension release, which opens the energy channels and releases tension. Body mis-alignments can be in the form of a rounded back, twisted torso, tight hips, knees, neck and shoulder muscles. Correctional Alignment Therapy can alleviate chronic pain in these areas, improve breathing volume and increase the client’s range of motion.

Overall mood is improved, successively increasing healthy immune function, digestion, memory and youthful vigor. Drawing from Ayurveda, the ancient science of health and longevity, pressure points in key areas of the body comprised of a confluence of nerves and blood vessels are activated to stimulate the release of endorphins and neurotransmitters.
Utilizing the deep connection between the thoughts, emotions and the body, these therapeutic effects have wide-reaching benefits in releasing muscle tension and inducing mental calm and clarity. This practice can be used to help release unresolved emotions such as grief and sadness, interpersonal stress, fears and mental distraction. If left unaddressed, amassed emotions will disturb the body’s natural harmony.

Correctional Alignment Therapy applies a skillful use of pressure point therapy to curtail the cycle of pain for lasting comfort. Specific points can be used to stimulate memory, attention and concentration, relieve headaches, calm the mind and body and facilitate hormonal balance by activating the regulatory pituitary and pineal glands. The stimulation of pressure points integrates the benefits of physical adjustments into the subtle level. The therapist uses thumb pressure to guide this stimulated energy through the body’s energy channels creating a balanced and healthy state of open exchange in mind, body and spirit. The Correctional Alignment Therapy technique is customized to the needs of the client and can be of great benefit to people of all levels of physical ability and of all ages.

Sun Moon Yoga

Saundarya O’Donnell is a state-licensed massage therapist and yoga therapist with many years of experience recognizing imbalances and re-aligning posture. She combines elements of body alignment, energy balancing and soothing therapeutic massage.


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