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IMG_1023CROPPEDDr. Michael Abramsky is a Diplomat American Board of Professional Psychology. He has had an active clinical practice for over 35 years, specializing in clinical evaluations and psychotherapy. In his practice, he specializes in helping adolescents and adults who suffer from anxiety, depression and trauma through Psychotherapy, Contemplative Psychotherapy and Forensic Psychotherapy. Additionally, Dr. Abramsky has
practiced and taught Buddhist Meditation for 25 years.

When it comes to psychotherapy, Dr. Abramsky has trained extensively in psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, and Jungian Analysis. Psychotherapy involves an honest appraisal of yourself and your situation. To change we must first understand our “selves”, our assets and weaknesses. This often involves an understanding of our history, how we were treated in our family, the strengths and the scars we carry, and the way childhood patterns may affect our current lives. Once understood Dr. Abramsky will aide and guide his clients into changing these patterns and develop coping skills which help them handle life stressors in more adaptive ways. In this way, together with his clients he teaches ways cultivate new behavioral habits that are healthier and improve our relationship with ourselves, family and society.

It is important to remember that anyone who is seeking any type of psychotherapy help is WILLING to do the work and put forth an earnest effort, otherwise desired results are rarely the outcome. The fact is; a person has to choose to put in effort if they want change in their lives.

Now Contemplative Psychotherapy expands the traditional psycho therapeutic approach. Its practice involves
a regular discipline to calm the mind, to make us observers of, not reactive to life events. Practices like meditation, relaxation, prayer, journal-ling and exercise and diet develop coping strengths. These complement and reinforce analytic psychotherapy. Adding a contemplative practice to traditional psychotherapy adds strength and vitality to the art of living well and fully.

Dr. Abramsky has practiced meditation and the contemplative arts for over 20 years. He has studied with Mark Epstein M.D., Joan Halifax, Gempo Roshi, Rod Stryker, Joan Blackstone, June Singer PhD, and attended training
sessions at Upaya, Shamballa, Kripalu, and the Omega Institute. Dr. Abramsky is an MA candidate in Religious Studies with a specialty in the mystical traditions.

Michael Abramsky PhD is a Diplomat in Forensic Psychology. He is one of only several hundred psychologists who have passed national board certification in this technical and complex area.

Currently Dr. Abramsky works in conjunction with a team of other subspecialists to provide consultation in criminal and civil litigation. Services include evaluations for competency and criminal responsibility, sentencing memorandum in State and Federal cases, and civil damage evaluations in employment and personal injury. He has testified as an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants. He has testified in well known cases such as, the Highland Park Serial Killer Trial, Jenny Jones Murder Case and in the case of Nathaniel Abraham who
was the youngest juvenile to be tried as an adult in the U.S.

Dr. Abramsky has done evaluations of troubled and violent employees, debriefings for staff after traumatic industrial incidents, and has created and implemented Employment Assistance Programs and has published extensively in the field of psychology and the law.

Michael F. Abramsky PhD received his Doctor’s Degree from the State University of New York, and completed
his Clinical Internship at Lafayette Clinic in Detroit. He is Nationally Board Certifications in both Clinical and Forensic Psychology. Dr. Abramsky has published over 20 papers in clinical psychology, spiritual psychology, and forensics. He has taught Psychology at Wayne State University and Henry Ford Community Colleges, and in the Religious Studies Department of Oakland University, and as a regular lecturer at Wayne State’s Law School.

You may call him at: 248-644-7398


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