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Courage to Follow Your Soul

Courage to Follow Your Soul

Last month we looked at listening to our soul for guidance to our next step towards self-actualization. If the guidance we obtain is in agreement with what we, our spouse, parents, children, or others — even society — wants us to do, all is good. We build and learn to trust our soul’s guidance. No issues.

But, what if the guidance indicates that we take an action that is scary for us, possibly one that our friends and family recommend against? That’s when the trust you’ve built-up helps you have the courage to step outside of perceived safety and take action because you know your soul keeps you on course.

Here is an exercise to start practicing knowing when you are connected with your soul and help build confidence and courage to follow its guidance. Begin by sitting comfortably, taking some deep breaths, relaxing and, if you can get into a meditative state. Now, think about something you love, something true and simple like a flower, color, activity, food. Then say to yourself, “I love____.” Repeat this a few times, feeling what it feels like when you are in truth and in alignment with your soul. You may feel warm, tingly, goosebumps… whatever it is, that’s your signal that you and your soul are in alignment. Open your eyes and walk around for a few minutes. Chances are, things will be brighter and clearer.

Now, go back and sit down, and close your eyes, going again to the meditative state (or as close as you can). Tell yourself something that’s not true, such as, “I hate____”, choosing something that you really love. Feel the difference in your body’s response when you tell yourself a lie.

Developing the courage to act on the soul’s guidance can really change your life. It’s how I met my husband, how I’ve gotten jobs, offices, and peace of mind. When you have the courage to act in alignment with your soul’s guidance, you are acting on the guidance of the Divine. Sometimes it doesn’t look like it’s for your own good at first, but it will turn out to be in the end — even if that good is a lesson for your growth.

So, I encourage and support you in having the courage to be true to your soul and act on its guidance. Growth can be scary and yet rewarding. Having the courage to be in alignment with your soul is what we are here for, is it not? It’s how we become self-actualized. We just have to have the courage to take that step, knowing that the Divine, love, has our back.


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