Daily Affirmation: Vibrant Health


I am so joyous and grateful that my body is in robust health.  It is flexible, fully mobile, graceful, energetic, fit and strong.  Daily, I balance my life with exercise and movement that I enjoy, and that serves my body, mind and spirit optimally.  I am a willing creator and participant in my own, daily health plan.  I am grateful for the opportunity to nurture, support and lovingly take care of my body and of me.   My intuitive connection to my body increases every day.  I lovingly listen to what it needs and then fulfill those needs in a caring, compassionate manner.  I fully appreciate my body and continuously act in ways that demonstrate this appreciation.

I continue to seek a greater and expanded expression of my body’s mobility and strength.  I am courageous and feel it in my body each day as I move forward in life.  Every day, I choose to forgive perceived hurts, misunderstandings and historical perspectives from others and myself.  I let go of judgments about my health and the health of others and now replace it with unconditional love and positive thought.  Today, I set myself free and choose to only live “in the now” with joy and positive anticipation.  Daily, intuitively and outwardly, I focus on wellness and wholeness.  I claim my own power and set healthy boundaries that are balanced, firm and flexible.   I have freedom of choice and I choose to awaken every day to a greater aspect of health and vitality.

The love I have for myself and my body radiates throughout me to others.  It penetrates deep and wide.  My self-care is nurturing, supportive of my goals, and in balance with all aspects of my life.  I truly love “ME” and, because of this, I am able to live in a perpetual state of vibrancy.   I am so very thankful that my body is always working to keep me optimally healthy.  All is well in my body.    This or something better.  So be it.  Thank you, God!

Rev. Deborah Bogle, MA, LLP, CAADC, (248) 244-2060 Helping Hearts Heal www.HelpingHeartsHeal.com , dbogle@HelpingHeartsHeal.com


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