Dance of the Butterfly-Offering Hope


Dance of the Butterfly-Offering Hope
By Barbra White

The butterfly flies a somewhat clumsy and ungainly dance; it struggles against the wind and, in doing so, shows its power to cover vast distances that seem impossible.

Our life and personal realization path are like a butterfly. Many times it can look like we are not getting anywhere, but through little daily changes, we end up right where we need to be—dancing to this flower, fluttering to that bush, weaving back and forth as it moves forward. We similarly will take two steps back, then four steps ahead on our own life paths. Or, at times, a gust of wind (Love’s Grace) will push us forward right when we are about to give up.

Embracing growth, we expand to the next level of our already present brilliance. Learning to dance in the unknown, we come to live and embody the force of Love through us and for us. We become a vessel of Love.

At times, people can feel they have failed because they didn’t learn the lesson the first time, or because they have stumbled many times with the same issues. Not understanding the nature of life, many will harshly judge themselves as a slow learner, or even more painfully shaming themselves as broken, stupid, or flawed. These thoughts are eventually leading to the most tragic self-attack ever: “There must be something wrong with me.”

Courageously ask to re-remember that you are a complete expression of the Divine waking up to Itself. The false self (human personality) is not you.

There is no more tremendous pain than forgetting who You Truly Are. You are Love Incarnate and the way God gets to experience Itself.

“Seek first the kingdom of Heaven.” This “heaven” is not some far off place in the sky. It can be anchored in the now moment by remembering that you are a beautiful, wonderfully loved, precious being. This remembrance does not take effort, only a soft invitation as light as a butterfly wing.

The Force of Love sees you, loves you, and wants you, just as you are. You are Love and you are Loved…if you only stay willing. Even though it may feel at times, you are not getting anywhere…
Remember, “there” is here.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”
T.S. Elliot

You are already here. Already whole. In this moment, your treasure stands under your feet and within your heart. Yet, at the same time, there is a journey, path, or process for you to realize what you already have.

It is never too late. Your innate worth, personal legend, and dreams are always waiting for you. Worth, purpose, and dreams (or the Real you) are never farther away than your courageous choice and willingness to re-remember it.

LOVE the flawed human self unconditionally, so that you can open to the fullness and wholeness you have always been.

We take a stand to surrender. We explore, to become genuinely still inside. Don’t confuse the struggle ‘as the goal,’ because if you do, you will never yield to the brilliance that has always been. And at the same time, our perceptions will need challenges, stumbles, and exploration (life experience) to see what is already there.

Daily stand in willingness to see what is already here through affirmative prayer, self-love, meditation, and asking for help.

Affirm daily:
“Beloved Divine, change me to one who can see your Grace in all things. Including myself. Help me to remember my innate beauty. Show me today who I Truly Am, and guide me to my highest purpose. Thank you”

Don’t hide your dreams in the attic of your mind, never to be re-opened. It is never too late to live your fullest life. Call me for a free initial consult, or sign up for my upcoming -Love Warrior- program.
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