Riding the Wave of Change


Riding the Wave of Change
By Eve Wilson

It has been three years since my book was published, and I feel the desire to look at the directions our world has evolved along the lines I saw coming at that time.

When I wrote Riding the Wave of Change – Hope, Healing & Spiritual Growth for Our World, the changes I was seeing were predominantly in the aura and spirit of our lives and planet. True, our world was getting a bit ragged around the edges, but I think for most people, the information I shared about the paradigm reality shift we call ascension may have seemed speculative.

Since that time, the waves of change have begun manifesting in more obvious ways, and though many choose to stick their heads in the sand, more and more people are unable to deny the realities of our time. The old is breaking down, making way for something new. While many may feel the new cannot be as good as what we used to have.
That is not how I see it.

The first paragraph in my book reads:
“You are ascending. You are evolving in ways preordained from the beginning of time. Beneath the challenging and often negative aspects of life, there is something marvelous and purposeful going on. This book will help you orient toward the positive shifts taking pl so that so you can ride the waves of change on planet Earth with confidence and grace.”

In Riding the Wave, I explain how our past experiences have evolved our human creature self to become a suitably complex vessel for our eternal soul and spirit to live and act through. The journey of challenges and suffering has been a workout machine, building the necessary “soul muscles” for our eternal Higher Selves. In 2012 the world contracts for that phase of existence ended, and a new set of contracts came into effect for the next 350,000,000 + years. The new contracts welcome us to a journey of increasing unity between our creature selves and our eternal spiritual selves to manifest through co-creation the potential for life we have always longed for.

But for this new era to begin, we must release the past, and that is the sticking point.

To facilitate that release, we are undergoing increasing chaos and loss of security in our familiar reality. Government, society, environment, finances, and due to Coronavirus, our collective physical health, have all lost their reliability. Our reality is shaking, causing us to go within and find true security in partnership with our eternal Higher Self. What appeared somewhat chaotic in 2015-2017 while I was writing my book has become increasingly distressing from the human standpoint.

But we have built the soul muscles needed to increasingly center within. There we are learning to build an inner unity with Higher Self and the higher intelligence and unconditional love that makes us feel secure and confident enough, despite the outer chaos and change.

This summer, I am living on a bay of Lake Michigan and have been watching the water levels rise.

They are 4 to 5 feet higher than they three years ago and daily inch further up the beaches. Flooding and intense storms have become much more common, and the temperature swings are unrelenting. It keeps me aware of the powerful change moving through our world, both humanity and nature. Many blame humans for the changes in the environment; however, I do not. They were predicted by Nostradamus, the Bible, Native Americans, and Mayans for thousands of years. If we could stop the change, we would be stuck in the old, and that would defeat the purpose of the challenging workout we have endured to get here. Stopping the change is beyond our means, but cooperating with it and stepping up to what we call the new world reality of unity and co-creation with higher intelligence and love is what is being called for. This new world is already here with us and growing stronger daily.

During this transition, we exist on two distinct levels of reality. What we call the old world is dissolving around us, becoming increasingly dysfunctional and unreliable. The new world is growing at the exact pace that the old is dissolving. I love experiencing the growing new world and increasingly focus my work as a Spiritual Healer and World Ascension Worker to help people step into the new and bridge with the old to enjoy both. As more people learn to do this, the new world becomes stronger, and the period of difficult change is diminished. My book has tools for this process, and my Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension Blog continues that teaching. Visit my website www.spiritualhealers.com to learn more.


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