The Aetherius Society

The Aetherius Society
Dave Capraro, Chrissie Blaze
Gary Blaze, Nancy Tatar
3119. N. Campbell Road
Royal Oak

 What is The Aetherius Society?
 The Aetherius Society is a worldwide Spiritual organization comprised of people dedicated to help heal and uplift humanity. We were founded by the late Western Master of Yoga, Dr. George King, in order to help the Cosmic and Ascended Masters bring a state of balance back to humanity. The Society was founded in England in 1955; in 1960 the Society was incorporated in the U.S. as a non-profit organization.
Why The Aetherius Society?
 Our world is desperately out of balance. A relative handful of people have control of an unprecedented share of the world’s resources, while millions suffer starvation and disease. There is an increase in violence and a rapid depletion of Earth’s resources.
 Every caring person is being called to action. We want to help but what can we do?
 We have never been left alone at times of crisis; our elders from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth and beyond this Earth have taught and guided us: The Master Jesus, The Lord Buddha, Sri Krishna, to name a few. Dr. King was a Channel for the wisdom of The Cosmic Masters, our Spiritual elders from other worlds, who have come again to help us at this time of crisis and transition into the Aquarian Age.

  The Cosmic Concept
 Dr. King received six hundred messages over four decades; these contain answers to many problems facing us all. These messages, known as “Cosmic Transmissions”, were given to humanity as a whole, irrespective of belief, creed or race, and offer a new “Cosmic Concept” in keeping with this age of science and cosmic awareness. The Aetherius Society is custodian of these teachings which are available through publications, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, seminars, workshops, lectures, and services.
 The Cosmic Transmissions bring great hope, offering mystical tools of Spiritual power available only to advanced adepts centuries ago. They cover a wide range of some of the most essential and profound metaphysical subjects of all time and yet, delivered in a way that is practical and easily understood.
 These Teachings include powerful methods of Spiritual energy invocation and manipulation, and powerful global healing such as The Twelve Blessings, the Holy Mountains and the Cosmic Missions.
The Spiritual Energy Crisis
 Dr. King was a visionary and he foresaw the coming energy crisis decades beforehand. In the early 1970s, he coined the term “ Spiritual Energy Crisis”, teaching that the real crisis is not so much the lack of oil but the lack of Spirituality. It is the underlying selfishness that is the real problem. Dr. King, also an inventor and radionics scientist, worked hard for decades to address the Spiritual Energy Crisis by devising global healing Missions which combine science and spirituality and to bring healing and harmony to the world.
A New Language
 In this Aquarian Age, the ancient secrets are being revealed; it is now the time for the mystery schools to open their doors so that the so-called “ordinary” person has access to Spiritual energy and the wisdom of the ages. Now, it is not the time to retreat and gain inner bliss while disregarding the suffering of one’s fellow man; now a new language has been introduced by the Cosmic Masters — the language of Direct Action – or Service.
  Our Motto: In The Aetherius Society we believe in and practice out motto:  “Service is the Jewel in the Rock of Attainment”

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The Aetherius Society

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