Don’t Worry – Be Hopeful!


By: Barbara A. Colbert

This is for all of those of who are “in waiting” on today — not waiting on a material blessing such as money, a car, a home – nothing actually tangible. But those who are waiting on the Master to do something with something or some situation. Perhaps – a restoration – a burned bridge to be repaired – a closed door to be reopened – the thing is exclusive only to the individual and a prayer that may have been shared just between you and the Lord. Some are just waiting on a change of circumstances or situations. Your hands may be tied. You’ve done all you can do. Now, you just must stand. As the Word in the Good Book says, “having done all you can do . . . just stand”

Also, when dealing with the business of waiting, when it comes to involving someone, it brings to mind 1 Thessalonians five which tells us that we “. . . are children of the light, He will not come as a thief in the night – but as a friend in the day.” Of course, I am paraphrasing, but in essence, those who are waiting on God to restore or reunite them with someone they’ve lost. The why’s or the how’s or the where’s don’t even matter. Just that God is working it out – is all that is important. The broken friendship. The unforgiven deed. The tie that was at one time tight as a knot, but now is broken and frayed. The one who is embedded in the heart who no matter how hard you try, you just can’t forget them. The one who may still haunt the dreams and entertain the subconscious with memories remembered.

Well, here is the medicine for it all. Prayer and Supplication: Practice it faithfully. Faith and Perseverance: Apply it liberally. Spare no thought or desire. Leave no worry or concern unaddressed. Give all to the Lord. Lock, stock, and barrel!

Then expect. Earnestly and with breathless anticipation. Expect an answer. Expect a breakthrough. Expect even a miracle. And don’t be surprised when it comes. It shall be as a welcome reprieve from a season of brokenness. A promise fulfilled by God all in the business of making us whole.

As such, this is written as words of encouragement for those who, as I said earlier, are “in waiting.” Those who choose to walk by faith and not by sight. Those who shall keep the faith and know that the battle is not theirs, but the Lord’s. Those who simply know without a doubt that He will work it out. Just as He has promised to return as a Friend in the day to those who anticipate His return – so shall He restore that which was lost and that such restoration shall come as a long-awaited, yet anticipated, welcome blessed “friend” in the day. And whether it be a restoration, a revelation or just a prayer finally answered, know that the Savior can do it. His reputation precedes Him. He’s turned water into wine and made the blind see and the dumb talk. He is, in fact, the original “Miracle Worker!”

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