Dream a little Dream with Me


By Laura Moody

At a very young age, I started having vivid dreams. 

They always told a story, and people were involved. It wasn’t till my early twenties that I started paying attention to my dreams. 

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my third eye was opening. I started to “see” things ahead. This is also called the gift of “clairvoyance.” For me, dreaming was a safe way to get my messages because it was only a “dream.” As I got older, the synchronicities were hard to deny. Sometimes I would dream of people I had not seen in years, and the next day I would run into them. I would also dream of events to see them played out days, weeks, or months down the road. 

It is said when we dream; we leave our bodies and travel to the other side or other dimensions. Many believe that the “dream world” is the real existence and our waking world is an illusion. In the Netflix series “Sandman,” we view the story of the Sandman, Lord of the dream world. To me, dreaming is how we get our messages from angels, loved ones, and higher spiritual beings. The vivid dreams are here to help us. So how do we know when we have a psychic dream? The dream is usually vivid; upon waking, it feels so real, like we experienced it.  

I encourage you to keep a journal by your bed and write down your dreams. They have coded messages and are here to direct you. Try to remember your dreams upon waking; notice and write down any colors, animals, scenery, or people in the dream. If you dream of a passed loved one, they often come to visit you in the “dream” world because you are more receptive to this type of message. 

Notice how your “loved one” looked. 

Usually, they appear very healthy and vibrant. Sometimes we have a feeling from a psychic dream that we can not shake for days. 

When that happens, make sure you write down all your emotions from the dream. Our dreams can also direct us to help us make shifts. I once had a dream that my house was in a sinkhole. In the dream, I looked down the block, and everyone’s houses were fine; only mine was sinking. Also, in the dream, my children and husband were outside, and we were laughing. Also, my car was sunk as well. Six years later, my marriage was over, and my car had been totaled, but everyone got out fine. The dream was there to help me prepare for an emotional rollercoaster ahead.

I also enjoy “daydreaming,” which helps me create and manifest events I want to experience in my life. Daydreaming is different than psychic or vivid dreaming. In daydreaming, we are the commander of our ship, and we can dream of any ending we choose. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, take time to allow yourself “dream” time. Before you sleep, take a few minutes to meditate and ask for a message in your dreams. 

Ask for loving and high-vibrational beings to come and visit you. Ask for those of the “light” to enter your dreams. This is one of the easiest ways to develop your third eye. 

Laura Moody is a psychic medium who offers private sessions by phone or live chats. For more on Laura, go to: www.readingsbylaura.net.


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