Healing Transformation for Your Soul


by Jill Janiec

Subject: Competition and Jealousy

If you view the people in your life as competitors, you will always focus on trying to win. You will only be able to have healthy relationships with people if you think about how to beat them rather than build them. People compete and compare themselves with others because of insecurity because they don’t know their true identity, self-worth, and gifting. This makes them jealous of other people’s accomplishments. Jealousy can be described as “I want what you have.” resentment about someone’s success goes even further. It says I want what you have, and “I don’t want you to have it.” If you feel resentment over someone else’s accomplishments, it’s likely based on irrational thinking and can cause you to begin to act in an illogical, erratic manner and behavior.

Resentment of other people’s success is also a result of deep-rooted insecurities. It’s hard to be happy about a friend’s accomplishments when you feel bad about yourself. When you are insecure, someone else’s success will seem to magnify your shortcomings. You will damage relationships when you resent someone, and you won’t be able to maintain a healthy relationship with them. Resentment leads to indirect communication, sarcasm, and irritability that is under a fake smile. You won’t be able to have an authentic and genuine relationship with someone when your secretly holding grudges against them. You may even begin tooting your own horn if someone else’s accomplishments overshadow yours. You may resort to boasting about yourself or outright exaggerating and lying. Resentful and insecure people try to outdo or one-up other people; they are desperate to try to prove their self-worth and value. Let’s start the journey of healing peace for your Soul.

Healing Prayer of God’s Light

God, please forgive me for resentment, anger, offense, bitter envy, jealousy, and insecurity. Please forgive me for sarcasm and having a bad attitude about other people’s successes, and not celebrating what you have given them. God help me through your Words of truth about me to encounter your love for me and to help me get my focus off others and on you to see the great things you have planned for my life. Please show me my true identity and Heal all my wounds of Fear, pain, rejection, and control. Please help me to renew my mind daily with your Words of truth and discover who I really am and why I am here. God, help me to know my true gifts and talents that you have given me in my life. Help me to keep focused on you and be grateful at all times. I celebrate other people’s successes while I develop the ones you have given me so I can help others heal and be free! –

Jill Janiec


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