Emotional Intelligence


By Wendy Powers Nugent
“The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships, judiciously and empathetically”

In today’s climate, interpersonal relationships are growing less tolerant as an increasing number of people are quick to judge and show little if any, empathy toward their fellow human. Whatever the reasons for this, I believe this is a spiritual challenge for the human experience around the world.

I have observed that not only do we have a personal life path to work out karma while on this earth, there is also a collective human evolutional experience that moves in and around the individual experience. Now with the internet, our communications are almost instantaneous no matter where you stand on this planet. This brings everyone together as though we are all living in the same community. We can see the human suffering and survival experience along with having an ever-increasing exposure of all our actions, thoughts and personal information, moving in the sea of data with easy access for all, aka — The Cloud.

We are seeing mass numbers of people less tolerant of their governments that are suppressing them and are either demanding change or are finding that maybe just walking out and moving to another place on earth will ease their suffering and give them more hope for the future.

The spiritual challenge is to stand for change within the individual experience, hence changing the world life-path without judgment or lack of empathy. I believe we are going through a time that many have called the “end times.” However, in my spiritual view, I believe the human spirit is moving towards a higher level, and with change comes a great struggle; after completing the lesson there comes awareness!

What’s interesting, are some of the terminologies that are circulating with some groups, such as the word, “Woke”. I find this very interesting, as spiritual seekers have been saying for decades that an awakening is soon coming. I believe that you as an individual must consume your mind with love and self-assurance, as positive energy moves within you and surrounds you. We must be tolerant of those that may throw out negative thoughts and actions into the community of humankind. However, toss it back with spiritual ideas and views on whatever the arguments or ideology may be; don’t think winning or taking a stand, instead, listen to your intuition and reach out to the universal mind for wisdom.

Religion vs. spirituality and/or even total loss of faith, humankind is struggling through fear and distrust. This is the great war of these times. We, throughout the planet, are being challenged to move forward into evolution in spiritual awareness, bringing a great upheaval to all that we understood and accepted, and learning how we fit into an understanding of life and purpose in these new changing times. Old ideas of fear and redemption are being challenged with new ideas, moving through fear evolving into being enlightened into spiritual awareness.

YOU WILL SURVIVE this spiritual challenge the world is facing, you will evolve your soul exponentially. How do I know this? You are a spiritual seeker, or you would not be reading this article; you open your mind and heart to love and forgiveness, you are not seeking one ideology, you are accepting there is only one mind and we are all a part of it. You are paying it forward (doing good for others without expecting a reward), you are meditating for peace and healing, you are light for others even when you do not feel your own light is shining. How? Because you listen, smile through, love and forgive. “What consumes your mind controls your life” and of course what should consume your mind is positive thoughts, praying/meditating unceasingly for the inner light of humankind to shine, and that the light will not be snuffed out with a fearful and defeated mindset.

When anxiety, fear or even depression fills your mind, slowly take in a deep breath…then slowly exhale. Do this a few times and you will find a calm coming over you…. replacing the negative and unproductive thoughts with can do thoughts. Don’t become frustrated if changes do not seem to manifest immediately. Redirecting the emotional and spiritual mind takes consistency and focuses on positive thoughts which will strengthen and make clear your life path and soul’s purpose.

Once your attitude and connection with the universal mind (your higher self) are (re)established, you will find the energy within yourself and the decisions you make, will evolve you and overall bring humankind to a higher level of awareness.


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