Empowerment Is As Easy As 1 Magic Word


By Rev. Michael Sebastian

What is this magic word…the word is “HU.” This word has the power to transform you in an instant.

When combined, two simple letters produce a harmonious yet powerful vibration that changes you from the inside out.

“Just Say HU” — this technique or method is derived from the concepts contained within quantum physics. According to Quantum theory, everything in the Universe is a Vibration or Frequency.

By simply adjusting or changing the vibration, you can eradicate or ameliorate the problem. In other words, you can utilize “Just Say HU” Vibrational Therapy to eliminate anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, and countless others…

Also known as the Holy Grail, the word “HU” is found in the Oxford English Dictionary as the universal name for God and within the word HUman, meaning God within Man.

Additionally, the word HU has been found within 14 world religions and their sacred doctrine.

Looking for empowerment, for long-lasting change… HU empowers you to look within and tap into your divinity rather than rely on outer sources, pundits, and self-proclaimed experts!

Take a deep breath and say HUuuuuu (pronounced Hue) on the exhale and repeat out loud or silently. Five to twenty minutes a day is all that’s needed.

This vibrational technique re-tunes the atoms and sub-atomic particles within the human consciousness.

This shift offers immediate relief whereby you can experience balance and renewal! 

Personal HU experiences…

“Now that I HU before bed, when I wake up in the morning, the Xanax is still on the nightstand, the ashtray is still empty, and the Diet Coke is still unopened.” K. D., Michigan

“The HU cured my insomnia and allowed me to sleep through the night for the first time in as long as I remember.” Joe C., California.

“HUing has helped me get over that obsessive, oppressive, urgent, seemingly hopeless drive to kill myself and see other options.” W.A., Washington.

“Just Say HU” to shine brightly and reclaim YOUR personal power.

May the blessings be…

Excerpts from the book:

“1-Step Therapy…Just Say HU…The Universal Panacea for All That Ails You”


Written by: Rev. Michael Sebastian – Sociologist, Author, and Co-Founder of “Divine Guidance Institute” Modern-Day Mystery School and “1-Step Therapy – Just Say HU.” www.1StepTherapy.com


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