By Rev. Dr. Nicole Sebastian

It’s so interesting to ponder the connection between WISDOM and Trusting Yourself… The dictionary defines wisdom as “the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting.” Conversely, knowledge is defined as “information gained through experience, reasoning, or acquaintance.” 

They say knowledge can exist without wisdom, but wisdom can’t exist without knowledge – NOT TRUE !!!

“TRUST YOURSELF” methodology teaches you HOW TO KNOW, even if you don’t know why or how you know…you do !!!

HOW TO KNOW which job to apply for, which job offer to accept, is the online profile of someone you’re interested in authentic or is it BS, if you should move, if you should go back to college, if you should buy a new home now or wait it out, if you should invest in that stock or when to pull out if your new love interest is “the one,” or is someone better just around the corner, why you got ghosted and what really went on, is your mate faithful or not, are your kids doing drugs, how about which diet is best for you, or better yet what’s really going on with your health after every test comes back normal, and how about the spiritual realm, is my deceased loved one “ok,” which church should I attend, is reincarnation real, how about past lives, ghosts or aliens, or even the universal question…should I believe in God.

Yes, with every little thing, you wonder about…you are receiving the TRUTH, or as we like to say, DIVINE GUIDANCE…24/7…and it’s on Auto-Pilot.

In other words, TRUST YOURSELF originates from tapping into the higher self. In other words, the wisest part of you…not the ego. The higher self is a naturally high vibration, a higher consciousness, and full of Divine Love. The lower or little self comes from the ego perspective and tends to be selfish or self-serving, na├»ve, impatient, not present-oriented, and the like… Oh, and once again, the BIGGEST Difference, the higher self makes the best choices, and the little self gets burned or blindsided and tends to make poor choices… 

TRUST YOURSELF and the TRUST YOURSELF SYSTEM using one magic word…the HU, coupled with Dreams, Signs, and Intuition. This turns up the volume on the voice of the higher self and quiets the little self so you can tap into your GREATNESS and step into full KNOWINGNESS. It’s a system of guidance, warning, direction, prophecy, and a progress report all in one. As we like to say…YOUR PERSONAL GPS.


 “DREAM DECODING” Three Universal Symbols

Let’s Break It Down…


Baby – Typically, something new in your life, a new idea, habit, or attitude could also be something tangible…new relationship, getting pregnant. Always ask what’s going on in my life right now and what was I wondering about.


Teeth Falling Out – Typically, too much talk, too much gossip, or the opposite, not enough healthy communication. It could also be about dental care… Always ask what’s going on in my life right now and what was I wondering about.


Death – Typically, an ending, an old habit, attitude, or behavior. It could also be something tangible, ending a relationship or a job. Always ask what’s going on in my life right now and what was I wondering about.

DREAMS ARE THE SHORT CUT: Forget the psychic, the therapist (and I am one), and the minister (I’m one of those too). Dreams are on auto-pilot, and they are the shortcut. Dreams provide Divine Guidance each and every night…

And this is why TRUST YOURSELF is so vital to not getting burned or blindsided… And to have the ability TO KNOW, to know what to do – to know what’s coming – so you have a smoother journey… 


HOW TO KNOW” Technique

1) Ask the universe, God, or your higher self ANY question

2) HU for discernment

3) Pay close attention to your nighttime dreams, daytime signs, and your gut

4) Use word association to decode symbols within the dream or sign

5) Voila – you’ve got your answer…

                                        —It’s just that Simple…

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Trust Yourself and How to Know works on autopilot, 24/7. In other words, whether you ask the question directly OR even if you are just simply curious about something OR even if you have no idea something is about to occur in your world, YOU WILL get the answer, the guidance, the direction, or be forewarned…NO MATTER WHAT


Rev. Dr. Nicole Sebastian – Psychologist, Author, and Co-Founder of “Divine Guidance Institute” Modern-Day Mystery School. Fastest Therapy, Most Reliable Decision-Making, and Unparalleled Way of Knowing. www.DivineGuidanceInstitute.org


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