Every Moment Matters


Every single moment is an opportunity to turn your life around. It’s just how you choose to experience the moment. Yes, you actually have free will, choice, in how to experience life, see things from a different perspective. I love that Course in Miracles says that every encounter is a holy encounter. That means that every moment is a holy moment. What if you consider every moment as holy, as an opportunity to grow, be the light, and be the ambassador of our Creator? What if you lived in the flow of the Divine, and you were grateful for each and every moment where you get to learn and choose who you want to be, how you choose to experience life?

Do you trust that the universe loves you and has your best interest at heart? If yes, you can be grateful for each moment that you get to live and experience this life, looking for the lessons the Creator wants to give you for your own growth towards self-actualization. You can take each moment to live and experience life to its fullest, to not judge experiences as “good” or “bad”. Having experiences we decide to judge as the “good” and, instead choosing to include the parts we judge as “bad”, changing our perceptions and accepting them with love as well, learning from those “negative” experiences.

We mostly learn from the so judged “negative” – our “failures”. Could it be that even the moments we judge as undesirable, are actually there, gifts from the Creator, for our own growth? That the events we judge as “bad” and the feelings we have about them are so that we can resolve past wounds and perceptions and further our growth towards self-actualization and wholeness, the connection with our Creator we so desire. The more we are like our Creator, love, light, and acceptance, the easier it is to moment by moment be in the Creator’s flow and connect.

As we use every moment mindfully for our own self-growth we grow in forgiveness, and in gratitude and love. We tend to be happier and accept our own happiness, letting go of self-judgment and judgment of others. We become more loving, accepting and grateful, naturally. Others around us develop like vibration, and we attract others on the same path. This higher vibration brings us ever closer to the vibration and flow of the Divine. Every moment we have the option to mindfully choose who we want to be in that moment and how we choose to feel — love or fear, gratitude or resentment, love or hate. We can accept what is and where we are at in our growth and accept others in theirs. Change and growth is a process, moment by moment, and each of us has our own path to self-actualization.

As we get more practice choosing moment by moment to be love and acceptance, learning, growing in the image of the Creator, we develop new ways, new habits of being more in the flow with the Divine and responding with love, acceptance, and gratitude rather than reacting from old habits from our past. When we are able to be in the moment, to take a deep, holy breath, pause, and choose who we want to be in that moment, we enrich our lives, and with our choices can literally become closer to the Divine moment by moment. So, every moment matters, as every moment we have free will to make our choices in who we want to be and whether to go with the flow of the Divine. I know what I choose. It’s your choice as to how you use each holy moment. Who do you choose to be and how do you choose to act in the moment, every moment?


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