Feeling Complete


One of the most common concerns amongst my clients has to do with not being able to find the right life partner. They feel incomplete and broken without someone to share their day-to-day adventures with. They wonder why they can’t find and attract that perfect person into their lives. Many are overcome with a sense of sadness and despair, feeling that they’re in an endless cycle of failed relationships.
This reminds me of the famous line from the movie, “Jerry Maguire” that states, “You complete me.” It’s a beautiful thought, however, it leads us to believe that we are somehow incomplete without that perfect person in our lives. This is, in my opinion, the main problem. If we can’t feel whole and complete as an individual, we aren’t ready to step into a meaningful relationship with anybody. You should never rely on another person to complete you. You should feel complete all on your own.

We are all vibrational beings, sending out a frequency to the world around us like a radio signal. The energy that we emit, attracts an energetic pattern that mirrors our own. So, when you are feeling down and discouraged – less than whole – you’re sending out a signal that matches that vibration, and this is definitely not going to attract the person you’re looking for.

The first step to bringing a healthy, loving relationship into your life is to start by having a healthy and loving relationship with yourself. If you want to meet someone who is self-confident, self-assured, outgoing and successful, you must first be able to identify those qualities in yourself.

The best way to invite healthy relationships, of all sorts, into your life is by making yourself healthy first! When you take the time to practice self-care and self-love, you begin to value everything that makes you uniquely you. You learn to love, appreciate and show gratitude for those qualities that set you apart from everyone else, instead of constantly trying to become what you think others want you to be.

I see this over and over again — clients who continuously try to bypass the process of working on themselves, and instead, go searching for someone to step in and make them feel whole. Those who trust in the process, and put the time and energy into accepting and loving themselves, are able to elevate their vibration and attract the right people and circumstances into their lives.

So whether you are already in a relationship that you’d like to improve, or are currently searching for a partner, remember that like attracts like. Spend some time working on yourself. Learn to love you! When you can confidently say that you are complete, all on your own, and can unconditionally love and accept yourself, you will attract loving people and exciting adventures into your life.

If you’re dealing with insecurities, unwanted emotional baggage or unexplained feelings, Hypnotherapy can help you identify the cause and move into a healthier way of being. Free consultations are available in person or by phone. With the right kind of self-care, you’ll soon be able to look into the mirror and confidently say, “YOU complete me!”


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