Feminine Presence-Christ Vision


 By Barbra White

Loving all parts activates the stargate of Divine Light within you. Real self-acceptance is rooted in a little willingness to know that life is ALWAYS happening FOR you. A mustard seed of faith to move mountains. Yes? Real self-love is a little invitation to lean into that event; to accept it happened is to open YOU to possibilities. 

Real self-love is a small choice to go into the mystery – and out of your history. 

Self Acceptance is a daily decision. Can someone “make” you feel any certain way, or is the feeling yours to be with? This choice decides whether you are a victim or divine Light. 

This is why self-love…True self Acceptance is a bold choice. Yet…It just needs a minuscule drop of choice energy to alchemize the darkness. 

A choice to love you..as you are now…right now…to bring you to the Ocean of Devotion and brilliant Being you truly are.

Self-acceptance is the first step and always the first step to inner peace. And you can also give to others what you consciously want to activate in yourself. See your own innocence, and you activate that in others. However, self-love is only half the equation. You must practice Grace with everyone, like a benevolent Queen or King—to embody the Divine. 

Do you want to float in Grace or claw to drown? Living in Grace —is not something you need to wait for another to give you. This waiting …will make you a victim. It’s time to make self-love and seeing others’ wholeness a practice.   

Any words spoken to “help another” from a place of wanting to impress, fix, heal, or put on a performance will only validate their perceived brokenness (and yours!!) Grace is a practice. 

You must train yourself to float. 

Even the most imperfect words spoken from stillness and a quiet inward acceptance align the receiver with their already present True Whole innocent Self Practice not speaking if you don’t have a vision of their wholeness. 

Do you see wholeness in another? Or brokenness? 

If you worry or fear their pain, it’s because you are focusing only on their pains or imperfections.

Choose to see wholeness in another, and you become a vortex of heaven on Earth. Your choice to see their innocence is how to Be a beneficial presence and truly uplift all those around you. 

You activate in yourself what you choose to focus on in others. 

Choose Wholeness 

Choose to see people as Christ did

You receive what you give

What paradigm do you want to support in yourself and in others?

Fear or Love? 

This is why forgiveness.

True forgiveness 

Is never about “them”

It sets you free

Love all parts of yourself, speak to the wholeness in others, and the world will look like a graceful playground to EXPRESS and EXPERIENCE. 

Demonize people, you condemn yourself, and the world will feel like a scary place. 

“All men are weak,” or “All women are manipulative,” and “All people are dumb.”

“Only this group of people is special.” These beliefs may give you a false sense of control or certainty. However, these judgments (right or wrong) are truly the bars to your prison. 

Do you want to be right or peaceful? Are you waiting to “convince them” or “show them” before you free yourself? Then this is a signal, you are hooked in fear. 

True understanding only comes when you choose to Love. Love is a state of Being and a practice. 

Don’t wait for others to free you. Love yourself as you are now. 

Seek first to love, and understanding will come.

If you see your life or your relationships as a battle 

Look at your perceptions of others. What fear wants to be loved in you? What are they reflecting in you? 

Be humble —Not humiliated. 

It’s time to turn towards the Light truly and to know Grace as You 

See wholeness-innocence, and you set yourself free 

You get what you speak to. 

Your focus and words have great power-negative or positive. 

You can be an incredible healer to others and yourself —Depending on what you choose to focus on and speak to.

Practice loving all parts of yourself so you can open to the Real True Self You. 

Practice seeing wholeness in others so that you can….open to the Real Wonderful True You.    

We are One. 

Everything you “send out” has a “return to sender” mark. 

Feminine Presence-Christ Vision 

July 6th-9th All Genders Welcome. Sound Bowl Healing, Horse Presence Process, Kwan Yin Magdalene, Ceremony, Intuitive healing from WhiteCrow, animal communication, and learning to work with plant allies. $515 for pre-session, retreat, food, and lodging. Woods and barn camping are available. 


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