Food Is a Sensual Experience


In my world there are at least six senses.  Let’s entertain this notion and how it relates to food.
The obvious…smell
Apple pie baking in the oven
Thanksgiving dinner
Fresh roasted coffee at Mentobe Café, Farmington

 The visual bliss…sight
Chocolate covered strawberries
A fresh, fruit torte
(Anything prepared by the chefs at Iridescence, Motor City, Detroit)

 The delightful…sound
The crunch of biting into fresh buttery corn
The snap of fresh peas
The ahhs when someone takes their first bite of perfect eggs benedict

The sublime…touch
Try an Ethiopian restaurant…a lot of touch with no silverware; experience this at the Blue Nile in Ferndale
or Greek Town  in Detroit
Make bread…you need to knead, at least one time
Lettuce wraps at PF Chang, Somerset or Northville

 The joy…taste
Butternut squash soup at Café Cortina, Farmington
Stuffed egg plant at Luigi’s, Farmington
Nutty French toast with bananas, walnuts and caramel at Ginger’s Café, Farmington
Chocolate mousse

 The beyond…intuition (sixth sense)
• Headed to Tiger Stadium you start to sense that a Kowalski hot dog is in your near future… You smell peanuts
• You get a “gut feeling” after visiting a Mexican restaurant
• You have a premonition – you see yourself driving to Busch’s and buying a New York Style canoli
• The phone rings…And yes, it’s your friend Mary, who you haven’t seen in ten years, but she’s been on your mind lately.  She brings you oranges from Florida and amazing as it may be…you dreamt last night you were in a Florida orange grove picking fruit.

The moral to this article is…
We are sensual, amazing beings.  Enjoy your senses and all the amazing ways it relates to food.  My   recommendation is to visit Ginger’s Café and Gourmet Shoppe soon and experience a sustainable, sensory overload …., French pressed ginger peach tea, salmon eggs benedict and dark chocolate, cherry, pecan clusters to go.  INDULGE YOUR SENSES!

Life is Good.

Ginger’s Café & Gourmet Shoppe, 32905 Grand River Ave., Farmington, Michigan  48336, (248) 987-6551


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