Forging Your Adventure


Forging Your Adventure 

By Jessica Forshee

In 2021, I accepted a job offer in Corporate America. I had outgrown my current environment and was ready for the next adventure. These were the things that everyone talked about. I had finally made it, Success. A roaring career, a nice vehicle, a lovely house; according to most, this was the path to happiness. This would lead me to that “something more” I had been searching for. 

When I looked at my external world, it didn’t seem right to me. I always had to put part of myself in a box to fit in. I could never be whole. Yes, I found hidden gems to make things more tolerable, but who wants to live a life one would describe as “tolerable”? 

I spent most of 2021 in zombie mode. I was exhausted and had no time to do things that mattered to me. I had no time for joy. This was not the “something more” I had heard about.

Starting a business was my escape plan. I would soon be free from the bleak world of Corporate America, but as I was working my 9-5, building a life I could believe in, and trying to keep my mental health in check, I realized I was fighting a losing battle…. I was done fighting. 

I knew that climbing the corporate ladder wouldn’t lead me to success. At least, not my definition of it. I quit my Corporate America career. After that, I sold my house and moved back in with my grandpa. I started focusing on the things that mattered most–my mental health, my family, and my business. I needed to move toward my passions and not at the speed of a brisk walk or light jog but at a full sprint. There was no time to second guess my intuition. I knew that I just had to keep moving forward.

I began this journey bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, felt utterly lost and completely inept in the middle of it, and finally found my light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve found my “something more,” and I’m surrounded by a community of like-minded folks who share my passions. After two years of what feels like running through the dark, I have undergone one hell of a transformation. I have made a place, a life, where I can keep myself whole. I’ve created a life where I make the rules and where I decide what receives my energy. Authenticity is what I require.

Lead with love and have hope. This is where your adventure begins.  

Jessica is a Reiki Practitioner and Life Coach based in Fenton, Michigan. They started their healing journey several years ago and have transformed because of it. Visit


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