Our Splendor and the Glory


Our Splendor And The Glory

By Alethea Howard

To experience splendor is to shine, to feel brightness, magnificent richness, or glory. How many of us live in this light today? Or would like to. Our world is what we create from within, manifesting the splendor or the glory we experience. Glory in itself is to praise, rejoice, radiant beauty, or any circle of light. “I am a radiant beauty, and I praise and rejoice in the glory of the divine presence within.” This is our nature and truth when we believe in ourselves. Our thoughts and actions have a great impact, be they positive or negative, to control the direction we choose to live.

When we are at peace with Self and one another, our lives are filled with the glory of (The Spirit of God, the Creator, the Great Spirit). I had a Unity Teacher in the nineteen eighty’s who would say, “Call it what you want; I call it the Big Bam Boom”! The splendor of nature surrounds us, and the tranquility of being who we are gives us true life. We are the vessel that forms and shape our world. As the vessel we decide to stay on the ship, or step off, we rock the boat or sink it.

Some years ago, I took a course in Fashion Design. As I worked at home on a color chart, my partner watched and went about his way peacefully. He did not disturb me, but his presence was known. If there was a need, he was there. I felt a profound sense of creativity flowing through me as I worked, knowing I was being accepted for who I am and whatever it is that I choose to do. Through his actions of interest and nurturing, I knew I was appreciated for the splendor and glory within.

Another time when I talked, my partner listened in silence. When I finished expressing myself, he reached over and placed his hand on mine; I knew that I was heard. We were touching the spirit within, that caring, nurturing spirit that leads to fulfillment. These are moments of splendor, quality time well spent and accepted as the glory.

This applies not only to relationships; it also works in our everyday surroundings, nature, and experiences with others, with animals, and all creatures of the universe. We are only to be present. Being aware of the Great Spirit within and without, our environment and surroundings all about us. Heaven abounds!

Living in the splendor and glory, we flow through life like a ship on the ocean waves, sailing in the direction of wholeness and freedom; we are genuinely guiding ourselves in the way of God (the divine presence) wants us to be…in the flowing love of Spirit,

We are partners in a relationship, we have the power to make it last, flourish and become whole with patience, kindness, and understanding—the power to move forward, accept change, and move beyond present circumstances. We are the mover, shaper, and the molder of what the relationship becomes. We, as the young and the elderly, desire to live in hope and joy (contented joy). This is our aliveness, our nature to be and do and have our Being in Love and Light. Being able to love and be loved without pressure and conditions, being able to look at each other and smile, knowing that within us is our destiny.

When we don’t look to change one another or want to have things our own way and let change happen gradually, we then accept and enjoy the essence of our being-this is when we find peace in our relationships. We are here as individuals to live life as we choose and share that life with each other, being there for one another when there is a need—enjoying and rejoicing in the moments we share and learning to relax and let the process of life flow within and around us. We are the Splendor and the Glory through the power invested in us.


Gradually I let go, I step into the flow,

Sailing like a ship on the ocean.

Letting go, leaving all troubles behind,

Stepping into a higher state of mind.

Going above and beyond time.

Letting go, feeling free,

Happy and content deep within me.

Forever growing becoming all I can be,

Seeing all that I left behind,

Bringing forth all which is divine.

Alethea Howard, a writer, and poet, completed NRI Schools Non-fiction Writing Course. Author of poems, Can You See Me, Beyond the Past, Oh Spirit, published in the Vitality Paper. Her seemingly innate ability to articulate feelings and insights with such simplicity leaves the reader with a greater appreciation for life itself. (313)-656-4034


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