Getting to True in 2023


Written by Eve Wilson

Who are you when you let go of what is not true of you? This question came as I meditated on what to write this month.

Who you are is an eternal and unique spiritual being, a part of the One which is indispensable and whole. 

Anything other than that is not who you are; it is what you have in this world.

All living things are eternal spiritual beings living within temporary bodies. Imagine living each moment of your life with the awareness that you are not your body, your personality, your emotions, your thoughts, your finances, or even your behaviors. That these are the clothes, you wear within the world. Whatever you have, whether it’s something you love or something you’re not so crazy about, the eternal spiritual you has created it for a purpose. In the past, our outer selves have defined us within the world and within our own sense of self. But in 2023, it is time to own that you are more than what you have. That everything you have beyond your spiritual Oneness was created by you to focus your true purpose within this lifetime in the created world.

I know! You are probably thinking, how can this problem, this job, this relationship, this family, this wart, this pain, or whatever be my true purpose? It is your work to master that experience. To learn to love yourself and everything unconditionally. The only way to love unconditionally is to be your true eternal self…one with the One but unique as your fingerprints. The frustrations of limitation can be your blocks, or they can herd you into a higher focus of true self. Once there, you can co-create the new world!

It’s hard to own this truth if you think of your life as the place where you need to fulfill your desires and succeed magnificently in the world, even if your desire is to serve. Everyone’s work in the world includes a lot of mundane moments of getting through what is needed to support their body which they have created to express through. The grandness comes from who you are – one with the One, as you master unconditional love within the limitations of the old-world experience.  

We are ascending now on Earth into a new world reality of co-creating life with Higher Self and essence of truth of God. We are becoming beings of pure spirit living within new bodies built of liquid crystal light. To get to that more pleasurable reality, we need to master knowing and living from our true spiritual identity. At some point, enough of us will have shifted into true self-focus and strengthened the new world experience sufficiently to lift all life up with it. If you are working to master unconditional love, you are here to help that process. Thank you for pulling together with me on this!

Today on my walk, as I meditated on these things, I entered my new world experience. I recognized that each tree, each bird, each blade of grass, or drop of water is an eternal spirit-being living within a physical garment. 

Here all creatures can communicate together vibrationally and telepathically – such a joy! It’s still hard to hold this constantly, so I continue to practice it. And you can too!

Seen from eternity, the current limited state on Earth is almost over. Help me to midwife the new reality by remembering who you are and trusting the gifts that your current limitations are. Master holding your true self in focus within all your experiences. You are magnificent!


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