Guided by Your Heart


In this month of February, we focus on the heart. Love and gratitude — that’s the train you want to ride on. Did you know that Christ said that the longest road is from the head to the heart? In this world, we are often taught to lead with our head, think our way through things, and that things have to make sense. There is little about connecting with and being guided by your heart like you did when you were born. When you were born, you remembered being from the Divine, that you are divine. As you got older, usually by age five, you forgot and lost connection with who you really are — Divine.

When you allow yourself to sink down into your heart center, you allow yourself to connect into your Divine, higher self for guidance. You connect with guidance from the Divine if you are open to it. You have emotions from the Divine to provide guideposts to your sacred path. When you desire to know what choices to make to keep on your transformative path of enlightenment and growth, listen to your heart. Listen for your heart’s song of joy, the pull, the tug towards experiences that will guide your own self-growth.

Just close your eyes. Take some deep breaths through your heart chakra down into your belly. Feel, see the Divine healing light flow through you and exhale any negative energy, any tenseness. Just let it go. Feel what your heart is telling you. It will be something positive and connected with love, gratitude, compassion, joy — a positive emotion.

The more you connect with your higher self, the higher your vibration will become. You start responding and acting from a place of love and gratitude. As you know, the Law of Attraction is that like energy attracts like energy. There is also the scientific knowledge that where the energy flows, that’s what grows. So, as you connect with your heart more, and bring more Divine love and gratitude into your life, that grows and attracts more experiences and people that have a higher vibration.

As your inner self transforms, so does your outer self and the world around you. Even your perception of events will change as the vibration of love and gratitude takes over and expands. Being open and at peace by connecting the Divine, letting love and gratitude flow through you and responding from your spiritual center, your highest self, your whole experience of the world changes. You can raise you
vibration, your heart energy, into the frequency and vibration that you want to tune into.

You can’t fool the universe, the Divine, so it’s a choice to do the work. Practice going into your heart center and letting Divine energy flow through. If you have difficulty, close your eyes and take some deep belly breaths. Think about someone you love — a family member, a friend or a pet. Feel the warmth in your heart. See the warm love going out to the one you love. See that beam of love connecting with your loved one. Great.

Now, see yourself with your loved one. Feel the love connecting you with yourself and your loved one. See and feel this Divine love expanding. As you practice this exercise, your connection with the Divine and love for yourself will grow, as will love for everyone and everything in the universe. You start mindfully living in Divine energy, a universe of love and abundance, and experience it more fully.

You want love and gratitude in your life? Be the love and gratitude. It really is easy — just make the choice and allow Divine love to flow through your heart. And be open to experiencing that love and gratitude in your life being attracted to you!