Happiness Rising – The One Thing To Be Happy All The Time, Everytime


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a magic pill that would make us happy all the time, no matter the circumstance? There is such a pill, and it is available to all of us. No exceptions. In fact, the Universe is set up to help you get it. All you have to do is allow it. Every religion, every wisdom tradition has this knowledge at its core.

It has been said that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. It’s great to read this article, hear the words and even ponder their meaning intellectually. However, this is not the same as knowing this as truth. To know this you must be this.

If we are spiritual beings, then what is this Spirit that we are? It is who we were before we came into this body and who we are after we leave this body. Our Spirit is timeless. Made in the image of God, who is perfect, we are perfect. An individualized spark of the Divine, we are the Souls. As we came into our bodies, a part of our Soul’s essence was placed in our bodies, animating us, giving us life. We are a spark of the Divine having a physical experience.

When you remember this as true, you are happy. When you deviate from this truth, you are unhappy. Because you are perfect and God’s love is unconditional, God sees only you as perfect. Since God is everywhere and in all things, when you look at the world and see something other than love, you are not seeing as God sees. This conflict within you causes angst and blocks your happiness. When we see love, we are in alignment with the Source that creates all things. This alignment is our joy. The more aligned you are with Source, the more you will experience joy, independent of circumstances around you. You will be joy, no matter what. But there is more.

Alignment with Source is how we become a powerful and conscious creator. The group of beings known as Abraham, channeled through Ester Hicks, refers to this as “being in the Vortex”.

The Vortex is the place within you where you are aligned with Source. Also within the Vortex is everything you desire. That which you do not desire resides outside the Vortex. Source cannot help you get what you want if you allow your consciousness to reside outside the Vortex. Inside the Vortex the power that creates worlds awaits you. Abraham gives us the Emotional Ladder of Consciousness. Simply stated, reach for the highest feeling you can in the moment. If you are sad, try to reach for anger. If you are angry, reach for frustration. The higher your resonance, the closer you are to the center of the Vortex.

A Course In Miracles teaches that we are the Holy Son of God. The bible says “ye are Gods.” Many will refute this instead wishing to believe in a single godhead, an angry, vengeful God that will punish us if we sin. This is fear at its best, yet fear is one of the lowest of energies. A person in fear cannot feel joy. Why would God want us to be in fear? This is counterintuitive to His wishes.

Take nothing of what I said as true. Go experience this for yourself. This is why the previous articles focused on YOU making the choice for happiness. You must make this choice for yourself. You must be willing to go where your Higher Self directs you to go. You must be willing to let go of your story and old beliefs. You must be willing to step into a new world view. Beliefs are the basis of your judgments and thoughts. They limit you. They keep you small. They prevent you from reaching the unlimited potential that pure awareness can access. When you are thinking, speaking or acting, ponder first how it makes you feel. If it feels good in the heart, then you are likely aligned with Source. Choose that action. Always align with Source first, then act.

This is also why mindfulness, meditation, and breathwork were also on the list as they help loosen the shackles of the prison of your mind. These tools will help you align with your Higher Self, the Self that not only resides in you but is You. Meditation and Breathwork are the best tools to help you have an experience of the God Self within. When you begin to know You, you will begin to see it in others as well. When you look into their eyes you will see yourself and know that we are One. God is in you, in me, in everything and is everywhere. This recognition is heaven on earth. Joy will be the natural outcome. As Holy Sons of God, let’s go forth and co-create the good, the holy the beautiful. Let’s bring heaven to earth. Namaste. Dave Krajovic

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