Having the Courage to Delve into Shadow Work


By Melissa Zaineb

Oftentimes when we get that call from spirit to work harder towards our growth, we are not exactly sure where to begin. We may immerse ourselves in lightwork, bodywork, prayer, and meditation. These are all very important practices for the health of our soul. But what we fail to understand is that shadow work is just as critical in our growth and should many times be addressed first or simultaneously.

In simple terms, shadow work is the practice of turning within and facing the dark parts of our personality that we have tucked deep within us. These are the unflattering traits that we do not realize are affecting our day to day relationships with others and ourselves negatively.

One example of a shadow work exercise is to identify behaviors in others that really trigger you. Most of the time you will learn that this person holds a quality that you hold as well. Like attracts like. The people who enter our lives are mirrors to our own soul, reflecting back our own insecurities and repressed trauma back to us.

Have you ever wondered why you continue to seemingly be placed with the same type of lover, co-worker or friend and you always end up clashing? It can feel painful when the universe pairs us up with these people. Look within to discover what you are meant to realize about yourself. How did this dark aspect of your personality develop? What trauma needs to be addressed?

Once you acknowledge your shadow self and slowly work on it with the help of a professional if needed, a flood of healing will enter your life as if by magic. Once you add in lightwork, you may replace the negativity that you released with the universe’s healing light. Have faith that this is a learning experience and Spirit would never steer you wrong!

Melissa Zaineb is an intuitive Reiki practitioner, Reiki teacher, psychic medium, and massage therapist based out of Plymouth, MI. Her business is Highest Healing Bodyworks which is located at 306 North Main St., Plymouth, MI. Book online at www.highesthealingbodyworks.com


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