Health is a Gift You Give Yourself


Health is a Gift You Give Yourself

With Robert Breakey, MD

Health begins to decline for most middle-aged Americans. Yet this doesn’t happen in areas of the world where a Whole Food Plant-Based lifestyle is the cultural norm.

Dr. Breakey lays out the incredible health benefits of this way of life for both you and your loved ones. On September 18th at 6:30pm an opportunity will be given to ask questions following the presentation at Birmingham Groves High School Staff Planning Lounge, 20500 West 13 Mile Road, Beverly Hills, MI 48025

The Plant Based Nutrition Support Group (PBNSG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to evidence-based education and advocacy of plant-based whole food nutrition and an active lifestyle, to help prevent or reverse chronic disease and achieve optimal health.

Robert Breakey, MD is a 5th generation graduate from the University of Michigan Medical School. He completed his Family Medicine residency at the University of Wisconsin in 1984. He has practiced Lifestyle Family Medicine in Ann Arbor for 32 years; and he has also focused on leading his medical group in quality improvement initiatives, managing utilization, lowering the total cost of care and transitioning to the new world of value-based care. He has special interests in health promotion, whole food plant-based nutrition, positive wellness and supporting the natural healing process that we all have within us. He has lead dozens of seminars on these topics for both lay and professional audiences over these past 35 years. He is Chairman of the Board and Head of the Family Medicine Division for his medical group: IHA – a multi-specialty group of over 640 providers centered in and around Ann Arbor, and he is also on the Board of Directors at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor.

Tickets can be purchased for $35 online

Here is what the Medical professionals are saying about the largest plant based support group in the country over 3000 people.

“Paul Chatlin’s energy, vision, and imagination, has created PBNSG, an exemplary support group of thousands who will be educated on the powerful benefits of whole food plant nutrition.”

– Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D.

“At the Physicians Committee, we salute the pioneering work of Plant Based Nutrition Support Group!”

– Neal Barnard, M.D., F.A.C.C.

“The Plant-Based Nutrition Support Group” in Michigan has done pioneering work at the grass-roots level in educating communities across the state of Michigan about plant-based nutrition. They are great examples of how each person can play a role in educating themselves about this life-saving, planet-saving subject while improving their community well-being, enjoying great-tasting, healthful food, and meeting other open-hearted, like-minded people. What’s not to like? Join PBNSG – or start your own!”

– Michael Klaper. M.D.


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