Here’s to your health happiness and highest abundance.


Hello, my friends,

Hope everyone is loving and enjoying the exercises we’ve been doing. Sometimes there will be some overlap with other months with what we are working on. This month let’s focus on action and abundance. Focus on the Sun and utilizing the energy of the Sun and the Central Sun of All and the Earth itself to ignite true abundance.

We will do the same exercises as last months with slightly different focus and different chants. We will again work inward so focus inward like we have in earlier exercises on the flame at the base of our heart chakra. As we did in those exercises, let’s begin with expanding that flame outward until it fills the room.

Now focus on bringing the Sun to surround you and merge yourself with the Sun and your expanded core.

Lean forward slightly with your head, place your tongue to the roof of your mouth and take three deep breathes.

Now focus on the Central Sun of all and bring that to surround you and merge with it as well.

Now focus on your feet being surrounded by the Earth and ground solidly.

Focus inward now on the highest flow and abundance.

Focus on a massive golden gate in front of you, the Gate 8888 and let yourself enter.

Start with this chant, Eeeuukvaashyeay
Now meditate for 8 minutes, set a timer.

Begin again with this chant, bvawkwryeyautayna
Now meditate again for 8 minutes.

Don’t worry about a perfect pronunciation just feel the sounds of each letter.

Begin again with this chant, Shakjwantreybu
Now meditate again for 8 minutes.

Switch this up every day, one day do them all together, the next day split each part up at different times of the day. Do the first when you wake in the morning, second midday and third before bedtime.

Switch it up as many different ways as you can come up with. Let your self-feel the expansion and connection. Now focus on a very warm powerful energy surrounding you and igniting all you have chosen to create.

As always, it is very important to read and share this as much as possible it will help you, your path, your awakening, your enlightenment and your truest service to the Universe.

Remember I am here to help support you and your growth so if you have any questions go to: or You can also reach me on Facebook, via the website, e-mail- or by phone call: 734-740-9110.

Remember you can join me this month for life-changing training and empowerment.

PowerBeyond Light Warrior Training, Gate 8888 Abundance Training, and/or QuantOmWow Heavenly Vortex Training Right here in Michigan, check with me for dates.

As usual, I also have a booth and will be doing special empowerments and healing sessions most Sundays at Michigan Psychic Fairs.

Also, remember the majority of my work is remote work so you can also contact me by phone and
set up work without having to go anywhere.

I look forward to meeting you and hearing about your progress. Light, Love, and Service!! Todd


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