Memories of Home


A quality of light, a complex scent, sun heating while breezes cool, a bird’s call, a voice, the taste of picnic foods, something glimpsed from the corner of your eye…any of these and so much more may spark a memory that brings feelings of safety, of beauty of love – memories of home.

Summer is full of these kinds of memories, and as we go deeper into these ripe days of August, our hearts open, our breathing becomes deeper; we feel a sense of comfort that reminds us of our youth and the freedom and peace of long vacations. As adults, we may rarely experience those feelings as fully as we did as children, but the memories stay with us and help carry our spirits through the greater responsibilities we bear. It is good to take time to immerse in the feelings of summer and the memories they bring, to release our burdens and lighten our hearts and minds.

We also carry the memory of our eternal spiritual home; of unity, wholeness, and joy that we knew there. These subliminal soul memories carry even greater innocence and beauty than our memories of youthful summers, yet the youthful memories may spark within us the deeper memories of our home in spirit. Compared to our time in that spirit home, our time on earth is like a blink of an eye, yet it seems from the earthly perspective to be the opposite. We are like small children who only believe what we see before us, everything else doesn’t exist. Though we long ago learned that when parents leave they will come back, we may not remember that our home in spirit still exists though it is harder to perceive when we are in human form.

Many people don’t feel worthy of the great love that holds us always from our home in spirit, and which calls us back during sleep, or sometimes in meditation and when our time on earth is finished. And for many, the belief is soured and denied because the world is too hard and we have become embittered. But when we feel the moist sand under our feet and water lapping at our toes; when we hear the seagulls cry and taste the water-moistened breeze, we can hardly help but open our heart and let love in from that highest source of home that we are all connected to for eternity.

Summer has another amazing quality, which is that it causes our spiritual selves to expand beyond our human experience. Because of the sun and the increased energy that it brings, all of life reaches upward and out, and then inflows the love of the true source of life. With that comes a lightness and unity that imbues us with promise and gratitude. It also brings seeds of enlightenment. And so during these summer times of expansion and relaxation we may find something growing within us – a new sense of self, a new direction or adventure for our lives, a feeling of hope.

Though it may seem improbable, it is true that our spiritual home grows closer to earth exponentially every day during our current era. Its presence brings increased unity with wholeness and truth which causes hatred, fear, despair, judgment, and greed to bubble up from the great unconscious of people in order to be healed. This is called the journey of ascension, and it is the experience that we are contracted for at this time in the universe, not just on earth.

The healing crisis we are experiencing in the world signals the ending of a way of life built on separation, fear, and greed. It also initiates the beginning of a way of life built on unity with Higher Intelligence, love and truth. The innocence we remember from childhood summers and deep within our souls from our eternal home in spirit provides a calm center within us. It helps us to believe that we will make it through the time of cleansing we are undergoing on this planet, and emerge into a better experience than ever before.

Within each of us is a core of great beauty and purpose. It created our human selves to play a unique role as we all journey back home, but in a new way. Rather than leave the world to find our home in spirit, love and unity are working their way into our world to create a true home for us here. Our true core is stimulating us to rise in vibration and shed our habits of fear and separation so we can merge into the experience of love and unity, wholeness and beauty.

Let the memories that summer brings assist you to claim your own true core of unity and love.


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