Hidden Beneath the Old


February 2nd lies half way between the Winter Solstice (the longest night of the year) and the Spring Equinox (when nights and days are equal). On this date Celtic traditions celebrate Imbolc a festival which recognizes that unseen beneath the snow and ice of winter, spring has already begun. If you go outside and use your higher senses, you will be able to identify an emerging aliveness stirring beneath the death of winter from this date forward. I love that! Winter feels like it rules, but spring has already gained the upper hand, all unseen but powerful.

I see a parallel between Imbolc and the larger cycle of change we are experiencing during this time of ascension. Looking around within our world, it seems that the old world consciousness still has the upper hand; but when you use your higher senses, you will be able to feel the emergence of something new and true but still mostly unseen beneath the surface of things. We could call this emerging energy the new world and it is growing in power and substance even as you read this article.

Being one who perceives energy, it is a pleasure and a privilege to observe this change within people and our planet. The new world energy rises up from below and it has a sugary texture and an opalescent quality to it, reminding me of sunlight on snow but more silvery. You can feel it as something very alive and joyous and new. It feels true and conscious and part of God and all of life.

Like with the end of winter, the end of the old world energies is inevitable; the old contracts ended with the arrival of 2013. The old ways of doing things will dissolve like the snow, in their own way and time. What is coming to take their place is an energy more in keeping with our higher and eternal nature. Although the forms of the new world are still invisible, there are certain elements of the new world which we can be confident of. One very important element is that the world and our personal bodies and souls are rising in vibration to be able to hold higher consciousness; divine consciousness. From that awareness we can presume that the world which higher consciousness will build through these lives of ours can’t help but be better than the one we have been living in to date!

I receive hints of what is to come in my meditations and planetary healing work. One big change, which I have been repeatedly shown coming, is the end of the need for money. I am very happy about that change, which I have been told will occur over the next 20 years. However, it is hard to imagine how that change will come about. I believe it has to do with partnering with God within our bodies and souls. Through that partnership, as the need arises, I believe we will create what we need out of the substance of reality without taking and doing damage from other lives as we have had to do up until now. We will increasingly work in cooperation with the awakening God consciousness within all life forms and what is done will support the overall good, rather than taking from one to give to another. I love these visions of the future and I feel the truth of them, and yet it seems a long step from here to get there! I am excited to see how it comes about!

Change often inspires fear in the hearts of people. Faith is a deliberate choice, and we each have to find it within ourselves in our own way. You can seek it within your own heart in response to the fear or anxiety that you feel. It is not necessary to suppress fear, but rather to bring God, by whatever name you call that One into the place where the fear is and welcome the transformation from fear into love and truth. Like the energy of spring arising within the appearance of winter, the love and truth is present but sometimes, invisible. So much in the outer sense says the old world has control, but underneath the new is growing stronger. Let the new world energy be born inside of you. Make room for it and exercise faith by letting your aspect of God be there as a presence of love and truth at the core of your days and nights. Wait for the signs of the new world springing up into your soul and your life. It is a miracle just as the melting of ice and snow and the emergence of the first snowdrops and crocuses of spring. Its beauty will be all the greater for the winter of the old world we have struggled through to get there.

Eve Wilson



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