Letting Yourself Be Loved


What will you allow into your life? You only receive the love you think you deserve. Believing you must chase, earn, make it happen or figure out ‘how’ you will get what you need, is painful. Life will match your beliefs about yourself. Love is: prosperity, God, beauty, joy, romance, compassion, service and so much more. Love is a dynamic energy that wants to flow into you, and as you. But, this flow starts with you letting it in, through your own self acceptance. Trying to ‘attract’ what you need implies this good is somehow something outside that you must bring to you.

I believe the key to enlightenment or authentic happiness is allowing your needs to be met, without judgment. I did not say ‘demanding’ your needs to be met or trying to ‘attract’ your needs. All of Creation has already formed your every desire in the energetic potential. Whatever you feel you need is already near you, because God cannot break itself up into parts. All that is God or Creation can be found in a flower, a moment, or in your face.

Love all that is you. Your mistakes and self criticisms are only real on a mental level. Nothing can be separate from Love or God. Like children playing war on a playground, your challenges teach you about yourself, but they cannot change who you are. You remain the same creational love that you were created to be. The masks, roles and tasks you now let define you, are temporary.

You will simply know it was a ‘want’ instead of ‘need’ by how you feel once you receive it. If you get what you think you need and you are sad, then it was a ‘want’; no big deal. Don’t judge yourself, this only leads to holding onto something you don’t want.

Life wants to love you, through people. Your Ego will tell you that you have to do it all on your own. Isolation and separation are tricks of the Ego. Believing you have to live life and do your growth on your own will keep you stuck. You do have to make the choice to take full responsibility for happiness. This choice means self awareness (being aware of your thoughts, underlying beliefs, and unhealed wounds.) Choosing to be self aware is a huge awesome choice, however once you make this choice, it is wise, not weak, to let people, life, and the angels support you.

You do not ‘make’ your healing happen. Surrender or self acceptance is the foundation in which a greater ‘you’ is realized. The true ‘why’ or insight, only comes after you let go, or accept. Awareness-acceptance-compassionate witnessing, heals. Instead of making your thoughts/feelings, ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or analyzing…just witness. Any insight you receive prior to letting go is usually at the level of the mind and does not give you a profound sense of inner peace. If you began by analyzing, you stay at the consciousness in which the problem is formed. Once you let go and receive the ‘ah-ha’ then use your mind to apply and integrate the new understandings into your life.

You only hold on to what you are identified as. Witnessing or loving your perceived unlovabilites shifts your identity into the next level of the Love you are. This is why it can be so hard to let go of the story, emotion or pain that is creating suffering within. Self acceptance and surrender becomes a pertinent first step to letting go of what you think is you. Self acceptance is practiced faith, because it takes great courage to let go to a greater awareness of Love. Self acceptance is powerful in allowing the life you want to be living and it is the spiritual warrior who is willing to be self aware.

Take responsibility, admit what’s there, and THEN allow support. Just as you can’t direct your heart to beat, your realization or healing is directed and supported by Creation. Once you make the powerful inner choice of self responsibility (self awareness) then let all of Life love you. You are not meant to do it on your own. People, angels, animals, and synchronicity seek to support, validate and nourish you, into a greater you. You can grow from love, and gentleness. It doesn’t have to be hard. There is nothing to ‘prove’ by charging forward, not asking for help, and trying to figure it all out on your own. Let people in, ask someone you admire for advice, and learn to lean on the support that is waiting for you.

Mahatma Gandhi had a prayer he would say to everyone; “I offer you Love, I offer you Peace. I see your beauty. I hear your needs.” What you need is important. The plate of cookies may be serving you in the moment. Be aware, that it may be giving you the comfort you are unable to allow in, in other ways. Bless and thank the plate of cookies. What you judge, YOU WILL hold onto, and do again. Love will not make you weak. If you consciously bless what is serving you in the moment, you bring love to your very core. Doing this allows you to let go of the action or behavior when it does not serve you any longer. What you accept releases, but what you judge/resist persists. By blessing the behavior, you shift your consciousness. You can change the behavior, quit the action, or force yourself to not need what you actually need in the moment. Just modify the behavior or need, and I believe you miss the inner growth. By courageously accepting or blessing the behavior or need, you actually receive a conscious expansion into a greater you.

Allow your needs to be met without judgment and you will awaken to the Love you are. In allowing your needs to be met, you will realize you ‘have no needs’, because all your needs are always met by YOU allowing them.

You are dynamic perfection! You are perfection waking up to greater perfection. “Lessons” or challenges are expanding you into greater awareness of your already present perfection. Life will MATCH how you feel about yourself! Always… Knowing this law; ACCEPTING THE AWESOME LOVABLE PERSON YOU ARE right now, becomes a logical decision and something to cultivate in your awareness. You are loved! You are love! You are awesome and waking up to that more and more everyday through both the trials and joy life brings! HOW MUCH love are you willing to allow in? It is not about attracting, but simply allowing. Allow love in. Accept your magnificence now, and you allow all the facets of life to love you. Let yourself be loved dear one. Let the sunshine, your friend, or a warm cup of tea, love you. You are loved. You are loved. You ARE loved. I hope one day to have the honor to love you, into a greater you.


Barbra White




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