How to Work with the Nature Spirits to Reconnect with Mother Earth


As well as human life on this planet, there are also other life forms just as real and just as important as human life. These are the forces of nature, known by a variety of names: the nature spirits, elementals, angels, devas or the devic kingdom. These nature spirits are the caretakers of the elements, as well as the many aspects of nature. They work silently and, for the most part, unbeknown to humans, use the energy we give them to create weather, to make the seeds grow into flowers, and to patiently tend to the ancient trees. They can be felt and often seen in the forests, oceans and in the mountains.

Only recently, my husband, Gary, took a photograph of me sitting on our patio in Michigan. When he took the photograph, there was just me but later, when he showed me the photograph, there was a little deva –a ball of green energy – behind me, as if giving me healing (I was recovering from surgery at the time). I had seen a very similar deva in a tree in California where we’d previously lived. They are everywhere – we just have to look!

The devas of Nature – the nature spirits, elementals, and the great devas of the mountains, forests, and oceans – all respond to our love. To really understand this real and vital connection, we first have to understand that everything is alive. There is a tendency to think that we humans, together with the animal kingdom, are the only living beings on Earth. When we think deeper, we would include nature in all its glory. Deeper still, we would include the kingdom of the devas and nature spirits, the sun, the moon, and the living planets. However, the most advanced life form that we touch every day of our lives is the very earth beneath our feet. By becoming more conscious and aware of the devic kingdom, we also connect more fully to the beauty and power of Mother Earth.

Reconnecting with Mother Earth

By working consciously with the devas, we also begin our vital reconnection with Mother Earth which was the inspiration behind my new book, Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet – Reconnecting with Her Sacred Power, Dodona Books, 2018.

There are also simple things we can do to reconnect with Mother Earth and bring more harmony, peace, and healing into our lives. One is to commune with the devas. Wherever you go, become aware of the presence of all these entities which existed a long time before we humans appeared. Make friends with them, speak to them, be amazed at the work they carry out both underground and above ground, in water, in air, in fire, and in the earth. Just like us humans, they are extremely happy when they are acknowledged, appreciated and thanked and I have no doubt that, if you do this on a regular basis, you will feel their very tangible and beautiful response. They will be so happy that they will bring you gifts of energy, joy, poetic inspiration, and even clairvoyance.

Through my own life experiences, I have learned that they are very responsive and ready for conscious interaction with humans. They want us to be aware of them and work with them. Indigenous cultures also will remind us of this and perform sacred ceremonies to attune and work with these intelligences to gain a right relationship with them and Mother Earth.

When you go into nature, be aware of the work of the devas and nature spirits. When you see a beautiful flower, be aware of the little nature spirit who tends to this blossom. When you see a majestic tree, perhaps hundreds of years old, tune into the equally majestic deva of that tree … strong, real, alive, just as you are. Offer a prayer or a few words of gratitude for their ceaseless and vitally important work on our beautiful green planet.

Go out into nature alone, or with someone of like mind. As you offer your gratitude, spend a few minutes quietly awaiting the devas’ response. You will feel it, and some of you may even see the devas. There have been times when I have smelled a beautiful perfume after offering appreciation to the devas.

A few times recently, Gary and I have gone to northern Michigan, where there are places that are virtually untouched by humans. We walked into one such place, and immediately we both felt a strong resistance from the devas of this place. We definitely felt unwelcome as if we had disturbed them, as indeed we had. We immediately sent out our love to them and offered our prayers of gratitude, and immediately the atmosphere changed. It was so remarkable and so sudden a change that we both stopped in our tracks.

This experience reminded us that we are responsible for the energy we radiate. We should never blame the weather for a flood or drought; for although created by the devas, it is us that provides the energy—love and hate, and everything in between.

In ancient times, we did walk and talk with the devas, but our current disconnect is yet another sign of our dissociation from the earth. We can all now re-establish this vital connection in a very positive way. By doing this, we shall be helping to improve conditions upon the surface of this planet.


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