Hypnosis Q & A with Cheryl Beshada C.M. Ht.


Hypnotherapy is the art of using the hypnotic state to elicit positive change and improvement in beliefs, behaviors, and physical conditions. Below are answers that may help you understand hypnosis better and decide if it is right for you!


Q: Can hypnosis help me improve my relationship with my boyfriend?   

A: Hypnosis can help you recognize patterns that may be causing problems. There are many processes that can help you adapt to change and make better choices; however, your boyfriend may be happy just the way things are. Remember that it takes two to make a relationship work.   

Hypnosis can help you focus on the good aspects of the relationship and rekindle the feeling that attracted you to each other in the first place.  

Through hypnosis, we have helped many people improve present relationships, let go of past resentments, establish healthy boundaries and make better choices in the future.  

Looking for a Professional Hypnotherapist?

Go to www.HypnosisPractitionerDirectory.com to find a professionally trained, qualified Hypnotist near you.

The Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group is a Directory of individuals that have maintained the Continuing Education Units or requirements specified by the Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group (CHPG) to ensure top-notch services.


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