Strength & Love


By Michaelene Ruhl, PsyD. 

We often can have a skewed definition of “be strong” in our society. From “toxic masculinity” to “don’t cry” to “put on a strong front” even when we feel like we will break. Breaking takes great strength, seeing, reconnecting, and receiving love again does, too, especially if life experiences seemingly tell or show us otherwise.  

The strength found in love and vulnerability is unmatched. It empowers us to remember who we are and where we come from and empowers us to be our truest and most authentic Selves. We are then able to truly stand in our own-ness, empowered, filled, strong and gentle, caring, compassionate, and more building blocks to strength and love.  

Love when we are reconnecting, allowing, and sending can really be what strong is about. We are unstoppable when fueled by love. 

Sometimes we think we lose it, or it leaves us or gets lost, but that’s not the case. Our desire to reconnect and heal will bring love back into our lives. We see it happen with gratitude, joy, grief, and even anger. We see it in great loss and great finds. Through others, with others, and through and with ourselves. 

Love is the ultimate word that can be experienced and defined in an infinite number of ways – as it is infinite. It is the fuel for passion, desire, and healing. There is no greater strength or love we can show ourselves than the act of taking steps to heal and open ourselves up once again to love. 

It can get buried and forgotten about through our wounds, traumas, and fears, but it’s always flowing beyond those things and even under them, waiting for reconnection and acknowledgment. Healing through Connecting Constellations™ can help us reconnect to that love and even beyond on a plane of consciousness that surpasses the personality and humanness into a realm of loving healing and peace – and even sometimes bliss.  

The same can be said for working with and honoring plant-spirit medicine and all its gifts, indigenous traditions, and sacredness. It supports the releasing of blocks of what no longer serves us to reach and reconnect with the love that is seemingly lost or thought to no longer exist. 

Both modalities are healing at their deepest levels, allowing us to see, feel, and connect to the love for ourselves and others behind the hurt, loss, joy, pain, etc. We can then begin to receive from others and reconnect to find strength, peace, bliss, and belonging.  

Michaelene Ruhl, PsyD.  

Join Dr. Michaelene, PsyD. Her next offerings include a Family Constellation Workshop (March 11) and Sacred Immersion Training (Fall/Spring) for healing practitioners. She has been creating and holding Safe and Sacred Space for clients at her practice for over 15 years and specializes in plant-spirit medicine integration, energy work, and ancestral healing. Website:  


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