Three Keys to Personal and Planetary Change


There are three keys to your individual and planetary change. Remembering your purpose, clearing the guilt box and radical self acceptance..

1—Your evolutionary purpose and story:

You have a very important purpose on the planet. You have a mandate from Spirit to realize more of your True Self. You are far greater and more magnificent then what you think you are. You have within you, all the qualities of God waiting for you.  You must first choose to love yourself and clear off the dust to your shine, through self acceptance. Second cultivate your attention to this inner wealth through meditation and prayerful affirmations. Thirdly allow those qualities full expression in all you do. You do these three steps and heaven will be your reality on Earth.  There is a promise you took before you came to the planet for of your soul’s evolution. Accept Creations edict, to become more yourself and you will see individual and planetary change.

We take divine qualities (love, abundance, peace) and confine them to a limited paradigm. Love is confined to romance.  Abundance to money.  Peace to non violence.

Peace is not just the absence of war. Peace is the flow of a stream, the harmony of the seasons, and the order in the replication of your cells. Peace is the harmony in the organizing self correcting universe. Ask yourself “What would peace feel like right now?” Let yourself feel that peace. It is already within you.

You have all the qualities of God within you. These qualities are dimensions of your Soul and universal elements of Creation. Abundance is the magnitude of leaves on the tree, plenitude of thoughts in your mind, and the boundless energy that turns the planet. Ask yourself “What would abundance feel like right now?” Let yourself feel that abundance within and around you, that is always waiting for your attention.

There is an intrinsic order to your awakening. You focus to much on the ‘how’ and not enough on the ‘what’. Instead of asking “How do I change my life and help the planet?”  Ask “What does this change look like and feel like.” Tap into that vibration, and the ‘how’ show’s itself. You have to put your butt on the path so that you can see the path. If you keep on asking ‘how’ and never allow yourself to become ‘what’, your steps will not show themselves.

There are some amazing Self Acceptance ProcessesTM   we will use in the seven week on line training that will tune you into your divine qualities and allowing them greater expression.

2- The Guilt Box: You live in a box of feeling unworthy and not enough. You would feel lost without the ‘old familiar’ thoughts of ‘I didn’t do enough’, ‘I need to do that better’, ‘everyone else receives good, but not me.’  You are trapped in a Guilt Box.  You have un-knowingly put yourself in a box of feeling not good enough, bad, or a sinner.

This guilt is not a healthy shame of ‘I need to apologize’. This guilt I speak of is the energy of: ‘I am not Love, as I am’ or ‘I am unlovable’. As long as you identify with this ‘guilt box’ you will not spiritual progress. Your core pains cannot be healed in the context of guilt.  How can you feel fear or grief with compassion and non judgment when it becomes ‘proof’ of your not enough-ness?  You can’t.

You are loved just as you are. Accept this simple truth and your whole life would change because most of what you ‘do’ is based on trying to find your worth. You won’t find your worth in the world, God already made you worthy and whole.

It is arrogant to think you can create something separate from God. When you accept your divine qualities you do so naturally in humility because you FEEL how these qualities are within all beings.

The Guilt Box is also founded on a belief you need to fix, figure out, and heal yourself. You believe you are broken and must somehow heal yourself enough and then you will be all right. ‘Then’ will never come if you don’t live and move on a foundation of radical self acceptance. Try to fix the guilt and you are attacking fear with more fear, or pain with more pain. There are specific Self Acceptance Processes that will be used in the seven week on line program.

3-Radical Self Acceptance: Your self perception shapes your life. How you see yourself is how you will experience the world. Understand this spiritual law and it will become very clear to you that it is wise to love yourself, not selfish or a waste of your time.

You can only experience what you believe about yourself. For example you could have the love of your life standing in front of you. But if you don’t feel you are worthy, you will deny their love by having attack thoughts about yourself and them.

You must take full responsibility for your happiness to change your life. Self accountability with radical self compassion. Everyone is a mirror into what you think about yourself.  You will be taught how to use the ‘world mirror’ and Self Acceptance Processes to change your life, in the on line seven week classes.

You have practiced far too long being small, and giving your power away to the world by blaming others for your happiness. You have the power within you to be happy, change your life and be a beneficial presence on the planet. Everyone is equally God, abundantly gifted, and full of infinite potential. You are here to be the hands and feet of the divine in your all your expressions: living, breathing, working, and even sleeping.

In a tiny willingness to open up, and love yourself torrential rains of good will fall upon your heart.

The universe is self organizing, meaning the good you may have turned away in the past, is still waiting for you. It is never too late to live the life, God intended you to live. A life of expressive joy, harmonizing peace, and creatively expressing your unique song.


In love,  Barbra White


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