Labyrinth in Livonia, Open to the Public!


Labyrinth in Livonia, Open to the Public!

The beautiful labyrinth at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, located at 30 Six Mile Rd., Livonia, is open to the public 24 hours, and all are invited to visit and enjoy this resourceful place of quiet healing and peace. Designed and constructed by church volunteers, the labyrinth offers individuals and groups a place for relaxation, prayer, and meditation.

A labyrinth is a meandering pathway, generally contained in a circle; the path is followed into the center and retraced to the beginning. During the journey, many find that the chatter in their mind is quieted, giving way for relaxation, insight, prayer, and clarification. Labyrinths are found around the world and have been used by a variety of cultures for hundreds of years.

The Holy Cross Lutheran Church labyrinth is located on the east side of the building and has a few benches for sitting. Please call the church office if a group will be visiting, or if a facilitated walk is desired. Visit us on Facebook: For more information call: (734) 427-1414, or email:


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