Healing Hearts – Finding Courage


When the time comes to step up to a new opportunity but you just can’t find the courage to make the step, what can you do?

If you know innately that this is something you can be good at, then you need to discover what it is that holds you back. Inevitably the block is something in your history that blocks your heart and soul that needs healing and empowering. This is my forte, discovering where things get hung up. Sometimes with clients, I have to go searching through lifetimes or the hereditary line; but surprisingly often the place that is stuck is so familiar that it has become invisible, just a part of the wallpaper of a person’s life.

One of my favorite tools for healing such things is my first technique, learned directly from the Higher Power while working intuitively with the earliest clients of my career. I called this technique, Body Communication, and it guides your awareness deeply into your body to ask it what is wrong. The body holds feelings, memories, and beliefs which have been repressed or ignored, and which ultimately cause disease if not released. So, if you are feeling stuck, fearful or not good enough, notice where you feel that in your body. Is it in your belly, shoulders, neck, back, or head? If you relax and imagine your body floating in a gentle, warm river, and that river washing through you releasing stress, then your focus of feeling and heart will be drawn to the place of discomfort. There you can offer love and ask what is bothering it. What interesting things your body will tell you when you learn how to listen! I love walking people through this process of deep self-awareness because of its almost magical power for healing.

Once you understand what is stuck, let your heart be guided to what is needed to resolve it. Most of the time there is an inner child, which is a part of you that fractured from your wholeness during a time of great stress. I have learned to work gently and effectively with these delicate places in people’s souls. I help empower and heal inner children so that they grow up and re-integrate into the adult personality, bringing new life and amazing gifts. To accomplish this healing, I often use power animals and trees to teach inner children to be whole, strong, and confident. I step through time to meet the child prior to the trauma and prepare them to meet the stressful situation empowered. And then I walk them through their challenges to have a victorious experience which becomes a new foundation for living. This frees what has been blocked and allows the inner child to heal, grow up and integrate with the adult self. The adult then becomes more whole, stronger, and more successful in their life.

Sometimes issues are in the hereditary line and I follow them back to the ancestor who initiated it. Meeting them there, I help the ancestor to heal and release their issues. Then I ask the Higher Power to correct the hereditary line to reflect the changes. This can make huge shifts in whole families and soul groups, allowing each person to receive the change when they are ready.

Some issues stem from past life traumas, and I use the same approach; meeting the individual in that life prior to the trauma and empowering them to succeed there. That frees the person to move forward with confidence and strength to succeed in the present life. With spiritual healing, I find that all times in current and past lifetimes are accessible as easily as stepping through a doorway from one place to another. This is an extremely useful skill but requires one to be strong in the present lifetime; to return fully to the current time and place, closing doors to the past to live fully in the present!

It is amazing to watch how the body heals and a person is freed to be whole when blocks are released. The body is the product of the higher levels of self – emotion, mind, and spirit, and so if you try to heal the body without releasing those blocks, success may be limited. But by healing and releasing old traumas, physical health as well as strength and courage increase.

No new muscle is built without pushing beyond its comfort zone, just as no seed grows without working up through the soil toward its destiny in the light. Find within you the strength and courage to grow strong, and seek the light of your true potential to greet life’s opportunities successfully! Your destiny is uniquely beautiful and will be a gift to all.


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