Laughing No Matter What


by Laura Moody

As we approach the Thanksgiving Season, I find myself thinking about thankfulness. There was a time in my life when circumstances were so hard that I cried daily. I had just turned fifty years old, and my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness; my business was going bankrupt, my financial situation was rough, and I had cancer. I would often ask, “Why Me?”. It seemed that other people’s lives were so easy, and nothing seemed to be working for me.

I was angry and bitter. I watched the movie “The Secret” about fifty times. I had taken workshops and seminars about manifestation, but it was the same awful circumstances each year. I believed that life was just hard.

Somewhere during this time, I read a book on laughter and thankfulness. In the book, it said to laugh no matter what. I started to vocalize out loud things I was grateful for. The list felt short. I broke it down into small things. I was thankful that I had eyes. I was grateful that I had fingers. I was thankful that I had a mind. I started to list everything that was a blessing to me. I also began to laugh at my troubles. I had a legal situation, and I laughed at it instead of panicking about the possible outcome. Sometimes, my laughter felt fake, but I persisted. It was during this time that something inside me changed.

I felt hope. I felt joy. I am writing this because I know that life often throws us curve balls, and we find ourselves in tough times. I encourage you to focus on thankfulness and laughter. Focus on staying in the moment and laughing. The interesting thing about this world is that things do change. It may not be our outer world immediately, but our inner world can change. By changing my inner world, things slowly started to change in me. My husband did pass away, but instead of focusing on the sadness, I focused on the laughter and joy we experienced. I did lose my business, but today I have another one.

I did have cancer, but today I am cancer free. I am grateful for each day I have and this present moment. I choose laughter over tears, even in the most difficult situations.

For this Thanksgiving, I encourage you to write a list of things you are thankful for and dwell on it. Our time on this earth is short. Whether we are here for 1 or 100 years, spend your time wisely. Choose laughter and joy in your inner world and see how slowly the magic happens in the outer one.

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