The Season of Thankfulness & Forgiveness


by Wendy Powers 

Thanksgiving is upon us, which brings many thoughts to what we are grateful for this year. It is a tradition around our holiday table to have each person give thanks for things that have blessed them over the year. However, sometimes it’s tough to think of thankfulness when much hardship may have run your year, bringing tears, sadness, hopeless thoughts, or hardship. This year has brought much sadness for many, including myself. This month, one year ago, my sister died two days before Thanksgiving of Covid 19. My brother died three months before my sister from undiagnosed health issues. I must say that losing a sibling is a real awaking as you face your own mortality. We all must face the loss of a loved one, but somehow it seems a bit different, at least for me, to lose someone close to your age and who had been so much a part of your life. 

Also, this has been a year of many changes for me. As I approach my seventh decade on this planet, I sold my home to downsize my life. I have been looking at things from a different perspective. All those small things that irritated me, disappointments, or even expectations seem to take a different light. What seems more important is to work on my physical health and clear my mind of unnecessary anxiety. When I was in my early twenties, an older and wiser person shared with me; there is no tomorrow or yesterday, just this moment you have to live in. Make this the most important moment in your life. Be sure to live before you are close to the end. Instead, live like you were dying! Enjoy life. Live in your moments!    

Suggestion, listen to the song: “Live Like you were dying” by Tim McGraw.           

You will find that all those things you had to own, or relationships you thought were the only reason for you to go on, or hoping, wishing, and dreaming your life away, will waste so much of your living years. I tell you, losing a loved one, aging, or facing an illness puts things into perspective quickly! If you carry anger in your heart about anything, you must forgive yourself for wasting energy and time on anger or disappointment. You don’t have the time for it. Your life purpose is not about being right, needing to control another’s life or being frustrated that things don’t go as you intended for yourself or others. 

Forgive yourself for wasting time swimming in your anguish and disappointments, which steal your moments away from your joy. Instead, clear yourself of mental clutter, which will bring things into clarity. Meditation or just even a few deep breaths can bring you to a center of calm. 

Find your purpose for your living. When we become overwhelmed with life, we often become sick, go into a depression, or even try to escape by using alcohol or drugs. This can only temporarily delay facing your true destiny. Even if you stay in this cloud for a long time, eventually, you will have a soulful awaking that will bring you to your senses and get you back on your path. 

One thing is important to understand when you are facing serious setbacks or life-changing events. Life is not supposed to be happy all the time. We are here to evolve and strengthen our soul’s connection with the Universal Mind of God. 

How can you evolve your soul’s connection with God if you are in anger, disappointment, or sadness? Your mind will only be occupied with negative emotions, which won’t allow for good decision-making. Things don’t always go your way, nor are they meant to. We often learn more through adversity.     

Fear feeds negative thoughts. Let go of your anxiety and be still within your mind. Meditation is a wonderful way to gain control of your emotions. Even if you only have time to take a deep breath in and then let it out slowly, you will find you come back to calm quickly. You can then use your clear mind, allowing for a better approach to whatever is upon you.   

When I am overwhelmed with lessons, I go within myself to reach a place within the spiritual mind, and I step back from whatever chaos is surrounding me. We all need to take a break, from time to time, from the anxiety and pressures of living on this planet. Once I have gotten back to my center of clarity, I emerge stronger and wiser.      

So, I suggest you be grateful at the table this Thanksgiving so that miracles can happen in your life. Be thankful for the difficult lessons and the clarity to have a resolution to the situation. And don’t forget to forgive yourself for wasting time on negative, unproductive thoughts and actions. Live from this moment forward with the intentions of purpose and focused moments of your spiritual mind. Remember, you are here for a reason. Maybe you need to remember or know how to move into your purposeful life. All your answers are within you; be calm, and you will know your next step. May you have a Blessed Thanksgiving. 

Wendy Powers is a Clairvoyant, Minister, Writer, and Certified Counselor. She has been a professional psychic for more than 45 years with Proven Accuracy!

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