Let the Sunshine In


It’s summer and those of us who live in Michigan, brighten up when it’s a sunny day. So what is the metaphysical meaning of the sun? The sun represents spiritual intelligence and is the supreme source of light in our world. In the ancient world, the Egyptians and Greeks believed that the sun was the center of all things. It was known as a symbol of power, and gives life, directs and governs. The sun is also a symbol of rebirth.

In a life, a human being follows the same steps as the sun. The birth of a baby corresponds to sunrise, and then the child grows into adulthood, represented by midday when the sun is at its zenith, its highest position. Finally, the sun starts to go down, just like the human being begins to age, and then comes the sunset, which symbolizes death.

In the Bible, Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” Matthew 17:21 said, “His face shown as the Sun.” Sunshine takes away the darkness. So how about some sunshine within us? Not only can we experience the sun outside, but we can experience light inside as well. When I was younger, I used to bask in the sun and let it rejuvenate me. Today I look to the “light” as a way to rejuvenate the inner me. I find meditation to be one of the best ways to experience the white light or spiritual intelligence that we are all a part of.

By allowing a few minutes of meditation, to bask in that light, I find my emotions feel lighter and happier. I also find that visualizing myself in a sunny garden or on a sunny beach helps lift up my frequency and allows me to be in the flow of life. So as we all experience summer, take a few moments to soak in the energy of the sun, and the light and nourishment it brings to us outside and within. Meditate and bask in this energy of growth and vitality. Take some time for yourself and allow the healing energy of the sun to radiate within you. Let the sunshine into all areas of your life.

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