Life Wants to be Lived Through You


By Barbra White

A bird poop planted an acorn for us. We wanted a garden this year. But an accident with our quad and our business serving others: we could not prepare the soil.

YET, Nature found a way to plant a garden for us.

This isn’t the first time Nature found a way to love us outside of our “doing.” When our beloved pup Rocky was killed by a hit-and-run at 12, the squirrels had planted 12 yellow tulips in my backyard. The 12 yellow tulips matched a condolence card we had gotten a week prior with a picture of 12 yellow tulips and a dog like Rocky.

Life goes towards life. A cut on your arm knows how to heal without you telling it what to do. There IS an intelligence, order, and Grace that is happening always. God/Goddess is always being God/Goddess. Meaning the Divine does not take a day off.

YET, our willingness and developed capacity to stay open around the pain (or when something happens unexpectedly) is vital to living a nourishing, happy life or “enduring” just getting through the day kind of life.

If we collapse into self-pity blame or give up, we lose access to the Grace that can work within our bodies, Life, and relationships.

Staying open isn’t always easy. It means accepting what is, loving ourselves, choosing faith over fear, and listening to our needs; staying open means taking responsibility for our well-being and staying in self-agency with our choices and lives.

I was sent this meme on FB that says everything I said above, but in a way, you probably will remember: “If you don’t laugh at farts, I feel sad for you. It means less joy but the same amount of farts”.

Our programs give you the inspiration and skills to open back up. Life wants to be Lived through you. It’s never too late.

We hope to see you at Earth Church Sept 9th, 10-2 (The next one Oct 14th). Divine Feminine Shaman retreat Sep 22-24th, Sept 25th begins Self Acceptance Process Life Sustaining Program Mondays 7-830. Please visit our amazing new website with info, free resources, and all our programs 734-796-6690


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