Do Kids recall their past lives


by Wendy Powers Nugent

Children up to age ten may recall their past lives. In most reincarnation cases, the past life is recalled when the death was either a violent death or if the life was shortened by illness or trauma. Paranormal experts also believe phobias are often linked to trauma from a past life. 

Sometimes, a child will talk about another mom or dad, a different way of life, or even say they were a different gender from their current gender. The soul does not have a gender; however, one lives their life(s) in many different gender identities or races and cultures from around the world. 

If you are hypnotized for a past life regression, you may recall a life as a woman (even if you are currently a man in this life.) or a woman who was a man in the past life. There is no set number of lives that you should live; some only live a few lives on Earth, others hundreds or more. We are here to learn and experience this world. Once we have learned all we can on Earth, we may stay in the cosmos, move to live on another planet in another solar system, or even experience other dimensions. Our souls are infinite, as we are the children of God; we are made in the image of God, which is energy and light. Souls retain all that is experienced from life to life. Our goal is to move closer to the pure energy of God; in this realm exists all-knowing and perfect love. 

I believe we have more children being born today who have an awareness of their past lives and are very intuitive. Since the new millennium (21st Century), we have experienced an influx of evolved souls coming to Earth to help with the spiritual challenges that are now ongoing.   

Many of the children who remember their past lives had their lives cut short and needed to return quickly to help in the stressful times we are now in. Many of these children are not just back to experience another life; they may be high souls who did not have to come back to experience life on this Earth in this dimension but instead choose to come to help others. They have come back to living angels on Earth to guide and teach the lost souls that may need help.  

Below, find some of Dr. Jim Tucker’s work and published findings.

“For over 20 years, Dr. Jim Tucker, director of the Division of Perceptual Studies. Wrote a book outlining his research (children recalling past lives). His book “Return to Life” followed cases of children who remembered past lives. In this book, Dr. Tucker writes about the famous case of James Leininger, a young boy who had verifiable past-life memories of being a WWII pilot, and Ryan Hammons, who had verifiable memories of being a Hollywood extra and talent agent. This is a fascinating read”! 

Dr. Tucker suggests that if you suspect your child may remember a past life, pay attention to what they say and maybe ask a few questions. 

Never pressure your child to remember; just let them recall naturally like it was just a memory from this life. Take note not all bad dreams are past life remembrances.   

If you believe your child is experiencing past life memories, please get in touch with the research offices of Dr. Jim Tucker. 

University of Virginia Health System  

Department of Psychiatry & Neurobehavioral Sciences

Division of Perceptual Studies

P.O. Box 800152 Charlottesville, VA 22908-0152 

Phone: 434-924-2281 Email:                                                        


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