Living in Gratitude


(The following message was conveyed to me through automatic writing several years ago. Its message is a timeless reminder of the importance of living in a state of gratitude. Special thanks to my guides for this moving message. Enjoy.)

Did you ever wonder what inspires a flower to open when kissed by the sun? Look around you at all of life’s wonders and miracles and keep life in perspective.

Our thoughts are our own, and nobody else’s, and they are incredibly powerful to us and everyone whose lives we touch, every day. If we train our thoughts to gravitate toward the amazing and beautiful things around us, instead of the trivial and mundane things of this world, we can literally change the direction of not only our lives but the lives of others.

Take time right now to stop and look around at the wonders of this plane. Allow them to flood your thoughts with joy and amazement. Thank the Universe for the beauty that surrounds you. Stop trivializing your existence by wasting precious time and brainpower on things that are of this world, and raise your thoughts to those of life everlasting.

Live in gratitude. Those who do will receive gifts of joy, happiness and eternal love in their hearts. It’s all there in front of you. Become a child again and see everything around you as if for the first time.

Allow yourself to not have everything all figured out and roll with the tides that life presents to you. We don’t fear the ride on a roller coaster because we are certain that with each unknown turn and drop we’ll make it through to the end. Experience life with the same fearless nature, knowing that you are always being watched over, guided and protected with every move you make.

Offer praise for the many blessings that you have and you will be showered with an even greater abundance of blessings.

Namaste’, Susan


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