Stand in Your Divine Nature


Stand tall in your divine nature. You are a divine being waking up to Itself. Everything happened exactly as it was supposed to. Everything, good or bad, was to show you that you are light and that Who You Are is bigger than any problem.

The truth is: You are amazing. And that is exactly what scares you. Opening to your divine nature means you must let go of all the stories that you have come to identify yourself as. You are not your failures, reputation, gender, or accomplishments. You are a cosmic happening as a local phenomena. You are love.

Hold your energy field with a reverential focus on love. Do not let conditions, people or events define your worth. Your worth is inherent in who you already are. There is nothing you can do to destroy or change your inborn magnificence. It only waits for your permission to be expressed.

“The bad” thing happened to help you to stubbornly focus on the truth of your being. Take a stand “for” love and “for” your worth. Stand in the conviction of your greatness, not to be above anyone, but to be a living example of faith, love, and possibility.

“If those on the spiritual path’s conviction to love were as strong as a terrorist’s convictions… we would have world peace”

Marianne Williamson ~ Monday night lectures

Pain stays locked in your tissues and creates addictions if you stay in the story of life that life happening “to” you. Hold pain like a baby. But, stop telling “the baby” horror stories. Remind “the baby” that you are gaining wisdom, greater love, and new ways to move in the world. Remind that younger hurting part of you that you are growing and becoming a better person after the event. You will stay trapped in pain and addiction if you don’t drop the limiting story.

“The mind only races when there is pain underneath to be felt”

– Why Self Acceptance Is So Powerful –

Change the story. Decide today that life has always been for you, and everything happened as it was supposed to. Stop believing life is happening to you, move into seeing life happening through you, and then, as you.

There are four levels of consciousness:

Victim: Life happens to me. It is their fault.

Self-Love: I happen to life. No matter what happened, I am responsible for my life right now.

Surrender: Life happens through me. I am guided and directed by the voice of the Divine. I live in a self-organizing universe.

Being: I am Life. Life happens as me. Everything is Love. I am a complete expression of the Divine whole. I am an Energy Being.

Your Soul sets up events specifically for you, to bring you into your greatest power. You are that loved. Growing through the four levels of consciousness is possible if you are willing to look within, be kind to yourself, and ask for help.

In #1 consciousness: Life is a constant struggle.

In #2 consciousness: Teaches you self-love, and how to take a stand for your worthiness.

In #3 consciousness: Invites you to yield to the greater love that is beyond what you can give yourself.

In #4 consciousness: You integrate the protective personality and realize your true divine nature.

“Bad events,” past or present, are happening to bring you into your true divine nature. The block… is the bridge. The problem… is the solution. Life is constantly trying to wake you up to your innate brilliance. Isn’t it time to be a willing participant?

By practicing unconditional love towards yourself, you realize you are far greater than your protective personality. There is no ‘bad part’ in you. Those parts are there to wake you up to your divinity. Playing small keeps you at #1 consciousness and painfully at the effect of all the conditions around you. It is time to shine in a way that changes your life.

Love Barbra White

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