Manifesting Your Future


Manifesting Your Future
By Wendy Powers Nugent

As a psychic, I look into the future as well as the past and present; however, did you know you can have control over your future outcome? We do have freedom of choice barring our karma in this life (lessons you need to work through). Sometimes we can work through karma very quickly, but if we are not a quick study and find ourselves rehashing the past or hitting a brick wall every time we try to move forward… well you may want to redirect your fate and move it forward by manifesting a better future.

Yes, you can do that! I find many of my clients cannot seem to let go of the past or release their hearts from a past love or even allow a new love to come into their life. But what you may not realize, is that it’s all in your power to program for a better future life path.

Sometimes when I just cannot get a client to let go of negative issues or past relationships, they find themselves going up against the same issues over and over again. This is when it is time to redirect them to a hypnotherapist or offer lessons on how to manifest a better outcome through meditation. Law of attraction is real; what you think- is what manifests in your future.

I find that meditation works very powerfully in manifesting and attracting our desired outcomes. When people think of meditation, usually they think of yoga positions and allowing oneself to float on the edges of Alpha thought. However, that is just getting you focused for the real ride into your higher thoughts of manifesting. I am sure you have heard the saying, You are what you think.

If you think you cannot cross the finish line, you most likely will not, or will have a very difficult time getting to your goals. But in seeing yourself crossing the finish line, you will easily reach your goals! Often you hear athletes say that their winning performance was already worked out within their mind before the game even starts. They see their success first in their mind and then it becomes their reality.

You can do the same with your own life path. Join my new 2018 meditation workshop series Manifesting. This Workshop will be starting in February 2018, to help those that want to learn what I call active meditation. You will learn how to break ties with regret and past karma, to create a better future. Look on my website for details.

Active meditation is like dream boarding but within the mind of your higher consciousness. Many of you already have a sense of your own intuition but are not sure how to tap into it with ease. Or, you might not trust that you are in the deeper levels of the mind. I find that it is not healthy to have your third eye open all the time; you can absorb negative energy, start to feel stressed, or have high anxiety when around groups of people.

Some of you have your third eye or intuition door open all the time and do not realize it. You find yourself tired, anxious and sometimes paranoid, as you may have spirits walking into your open psychic door. I find that many people who are naturally psychic find that they have a very difficult time going to a mall or attending larger gatherings. This happened to me until I built a trigger to open and close my intuitive mind.

You can control your future outcomes by redirecting your mind talk differently, and even work through your negative Karma quicker while programming yourself for winning results. If you are already a student of meditation and can work with your own higher energy, remember, you are what you think. Think positive thoughts not just wanting thoughts, so you can reach your expectations and have a more desirable future.

Wendy Powers Nugent


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