2018 How to Have the Best Year of Your Life


Let your innate beautiful self shine today. Today great possibilities are waiting for you. There IS great good waiting for you today. Brilliance, beauty and prosperity are knocking, waiting for you to let them in. Let go of “worst case scenario thinking” or regrets. The ego thinks this way of thinking protects you. When you see yourself in this ‘stinking thinking’ just say to it, “I love you. Thank you for your help. But the Infinite Presence and I got it from here!”

Step into greater good today. Unfolding Good, Expanding Awareness, Adoring Beloved, and Infinite Presence…are just a few of my favorite words for God. Just like every cell in your body has a complete DNA representation of you, you are a complete representation of the Infinite Presence. It only requires your permission to let it OUT. You have free will choice to open to the Unfolding Good. Be patient with yourself. We have all practiced living in ‘worst case scenario’ thinking for so long, that it becomes an addiction. Opening to the Goodness that is waiting, is a moment by moment practice. Be gentle with yourself. You are worth the effort. Each moment you have an opportunity to begin anew. Today is the day, sweet one.

So “how” do you have the best year of your life? Many teachers will instruct you to set your intent for 2018. This is an important first step! However, once you do, let go of the “how”. As you follow the whispers of your heart, your intent will naturally unfold. Be clear on your desires…but then detach from the outcome. Strongly set a goal or intention…but then surrender. Allow grace to guide you as you listen to what feels right in the moment. Intentional Surrender (or I.S.) will allow you to enjoy the now, rest in the IS-ness of Love and be open to the good to come.

I am so excited for 2018! The most powerful work I’ve given in my 17 years of service, is coming through me! So excited to give it to you! *January 11, 6-9pm, Step into your Brilliance. Set the inner stage for the best year of your life. *Jan 18, Aphrodite Rising! 6-9pm, 8 weeks. Accept your body, and learn to harness your sexual life force energy to manifest prosperity, joy and peace. I am in tears witnessing the life changes that happened in the Aphrodite Rising group. Here is one of the many testimonials: “In only two sessions, this class had transformed my feelings about my own body. Now I feel like it’s okay to be a sexual woman and be proud that I hold the seed of creation in my womb. I am affirming my power and my brilliance as a divine feminine and am letting go of old thoughts and beliefs that are not aligned with this truth. I recommend this group to any women who feel they need to connect with themselves again and learn to be in your own power.” -L. L.

It is time for all of us to let go of the past and take the daily steps toward living a life that manifests our highest joy and serves the planet. It is possible. It takes great courage to open, grow and love. Don’t let negativity and hate be your default beliefs. You are on this planet to be a co-creator with the Adoring Beloved. Choose each day to be a co-creator instead of a consumer.

You are the way the stars look back at themselves and are literally made of stardust. You are magnificent. There are steps, tools and processes that can empower you to heal, grow and give your gifts in only the way you can. Many of us were NOT given the tools of self acceptance, creative expression, limiting belief releasing, and meditation as a child. It is my honor and privilege to support people with the mentorship and tools they need to shine. But, whether you reach out to me or not, please continue to have the courage to learn and grow. Stay off of “automatic pilot”. The world truly needs your unique soul expression. It is not about perfection but progress. Life/God IS seeking to love you.

Happiness is a skill to learn and practice. Recapping: 1) State your desire and set your intent. Detach from how/when/where. 2) Take daily intuitive baby steps guided by your heart. 3) Study, ask for help, and develop yourself. Be miracle ready. Open to possibility today. You can do it!


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