Meeting Amma, an Experience of the heart!


Meeting Amma, an Experience of the heart!

Spiritual visionary and teacher, world-renowned humanitarian and one of the greatest living meditation and yogi masters, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi is simply called, Amma (“Mother”), the world over. Amma is one of the most personally accessible and compassionate leaders of our time, and she will be giving individual blessings, here in Detroit, this Thanksgiving.

Her motherly embrace known as darshan has been received by over 35 million individuals across the globe. People come from every walk of life, every cultural background, and faith tradition. Amma says, “My religion is love,” and this experience is so palpable in her presence that it brings forth a feeling of unity and inclusivity for all present. Amma inspires each individual to go deeper into their own spirituality or faith to encounter self-realization or enlightenment. Darshan is a one-to-one personal experience with Amma, unique for each individual, as it imparts transformative energy needed most by that seeker.

Joanne Greene, an accomplished nurse, naturopath, and journalist, describes Amma’s darshan as, “An open-hearted, soul-nourishing, unconditional embrace. When dear friends asked if I would like to meet her, explaining that I could receive what is known as an Amma hug, I jumped at the chance, knowing it would be lovely, but thinking it would be just a hug. It may be called a hug, but the reality was so much more. As she pulled me towards her, it felt as if I were melting into the arms of an angel. I have no idea what words she spoke to me as she held me for what seemed like an eternity, but it didn’t matter, the words just added to the bliss.”

Throughout the day, Amma’s programs include meditation, song, prayers for world peace, and, of course, her darshan. Greene adds, “It truly is a special experience to be in Amma’s presence and to feel her grace. Many people choose to sit nearby in quiet and meditate.” The event also offers wonderful vegetarian Indian meals and snacks, plus a huge bazaar of world gifts, exotic clothing, jewelry, and natural care products for home or personal use. It’s ideal for holiday shopping, as visitors share in an atmosphere of sacred connectedness while knowing that all revenues benefit Amma’s humanitarian mission called, Embracing the World (, which services those in great need worldwide.

Amma is indefatigable in her vision to nourish individuals and communities through her spiritual activities and humanitarian projects. She oversees an international award-winning network of charities, and she travels the world tirelessly offering her support. She is a true humanitarian.

Newcomers to Amma have found an awakening never felt before. Greene says, “A spaciousness has opened up in my meditations and has invigorated my desire to dedicate my spiritual practice to all of those who suffer. While I had considered myself a compassionate person, the word and its application have now deepened in my understanding.” Amma’s programs are compassion in action, as her tour is volunteer-run by individuals from all over the world, with various opportunities for locals to do Seva, also known as selfless service.

Amma’s Fall Tour in the United States is slated for Los Angeles and Detroit. Don’t miss this opportunity to share with others this Thanksgiving, in an experience worth talking about. Greene adds, “I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to have an Amma experience to take it. Even if you simply enjoy a good hug, you will be richer for the experience.”

Amma will be hosted by the Amma Center of Michigan. Please contact if interested in volunteering. For more information about Amma’s Detroit visit, please see the back cover of Body Mind Spirit Guide for specific dates and times for free public programs.



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