Thank you for the Awesomeness I Truly Am


Thank you for the Awesomeness I Truly Am
By Barbra White

Instead of just talking about gratitude, let’s do it. Below is a powerful activation prayer for shifting out of hopelessness into real power. I provide activation prayers to my Self Acceptance Process students and therapy clients. These medicinal statements, said a few times a day, can shift you into the awesomeness you TRULY are. Are you ready to let go of the b.s.?! Then read on!

The activation prayer is based on God/Love expressing through hundreds of my healing sessions and Self Acceptance Process training. There is no greater pain than forgetting who We Truly Are. The activation prayer is founded on a knowingness that when we remember our True Identity—life falls into place. Said another way, “Seek first the kingdom of Heaven.” This “heaven” is not some far off place in the sky but is anchored in the now moment by remembering that you are a beautiful, wonderfully loved, precious being. God sees you, loves you, wants you… just as you are.

The Real Me

I am bold enough to claim my wholeness now. I am ready. Thank you.

I pray for the highest and best good for myself and all involved today. As I let go, I open to the Love, Power, and Abundance that is waiting to manifest as me, and in my life.

There is nothing to heal or fix or heal within me. I am grateful to know that God or The Universe already created me in its perfection. I am done trying to “find me” within the world of conditions and circumstances Realme, is right here… right now. It only requires my conscious surrender to feel.

I consciously surrender to the Real me that I truly am more and more each day, through self-love, forgiveness, acceptance, and empowered choice. I am grateful to know it is humble to yield to this Realme. The ego would rather continue to have me fight, earn, and hustle for my worth.

I am worthy, awesome, loveable now. I step more and more each day into greater expression of the Real me through a moment by moment choice to yield, open and let go.

I gratefully let go of the theme that has always been, will never die, and was never born. I am so damn appreciative knowing that the more I yield to this REAL me every day, Life/God supports me.

Life/God cannot support my false self. It is not real. The mistakes, failures, addictions, etc., and all the ways I have hustled to get my worthiness are only specks on the big, bright diamond that is the Real me.

Thank you for Who I Truly Am.

I am opening more and more every day to the Light and Power I am. I allow the Light that is within me and all beings to be felt in my breath, actions, and words. Thank you.

I allow the Love I truly am (this Real Me) to flow through, as, and in me today. I am done believing fear and b.s. I’ve been told.

I am the way God shows up in the world today. I am a force for good. I am ready to be the change maker, healer, and healing presence I know myself to be.

I let go of the peace, power, and freedom that comes in being my full Real True Self in the world.

The world craves authenticity. I am ready to give the world what it is craving! I set myself free to be the Real me. Right now. Thank you.

What I focus on, I get more of in my life. I stand in deep appreciation, knowing the miracle worker I am, is also within all people; even when I forget or others forget who they truly are. I will see this as an opportunity to let go even more to the REAL that is waiting to be seen. I am a tuning fork of possibilities, health, and wholeness as I see the Real within myself and others.

The Real Love I am, and within all people, is the final word.

I trust the process of letting go to Who I have always been because the outcome is certain: I am Love.

I gratefully, joyfully focus on the Real. My life is changing for the better.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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